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LG GW-B207 FLQA User Manual page 22

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Table of Contents
Dispenser use
Automatic ice
Dispenser use
(on some model)
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You can select water or ice.
Please select water and square ice by
button as you desire.
Please press the push button lightly by
catching and pushing in cup.
The border line is indicated for the selected
"Tak!" sounds if 5 seconds pass after ice
comes out.
It is sound that the outlet of ice is closed.
Reference : Please wait for 2-3 seconds in order to take
nal ice slices or drops of water when taking
out cup from the pressing switches after taking
ice or water.
The icemaker can automatically make 8 pieces of ice cubes at anyone time,
approximately 80 pieces per day. However these quantities may vary according to
certain conditions. E.g. the duration and amount of times the refrigerator door is
The Ice making proceeds ceases automatically when the ice storage bin is full.
If you choose not to use the automatic ice making function, repositioned the
icemaker selection switch to the o position or the on position for reselection. Note:
The manual selection function is only applicable to some models only.
It is normal that a noise is produced when ice made is dropped into the ice storage
Select among crushed ice, water, and cubed ice and press the push switch with a
glass or other container.
Crushed Ice
Light the crushed ice
lamp by pressing the
selection button.
Reference : Hold your cup in place for a couple of seconds after dispensing ice or water so
the last few drops go in to your cup instead of the oor.
Light the water lamp by
pressing the selection
Cubed Ice
Light the cubed ice
lamp by pressing the
selection button.


Table of Contents

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