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Using A Password; Entering A Password; Disabling The Password Function; Changing The Password - Pioneer PDP-LX6090H Operating Instructions Manual

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Useful adjustment settings
• Pressing TOOLS also causes the "Sleep" menu to appear.
• Five minutes before the selected time elapses, the remaining
time appears every minute.
• When the sleep timer has been set, "Remain ---min" appears at
the top of the menu.

Using a password

The flat screen TV provides the Channel Lock function for preventing
children from watching inappropriate programmes. You need to
enter a password when watching programmes with "Block"
specified. Before the system is shipped, "1234" is preset as the
factory-default password. You can however, change the password
as you want.
You will need to enter the password before using the "Auto
Installation", "Analogue TV Setup", "Installation", "Channel
management" or "Password" functions from the HOME MENU.
This is to prevent unauthorized changes to the settings.

Entering a password

You will need to enter the password after selecting a channel
blocked with the Channel Lock function, and before you can use
some of the menu functions.
• Enter your four-digit password using buttons 0 to 9.
Please Input Your Password.
• If you fail to enter the correct password three times, "Invalid
password." appears, and the menu is closed. In order to display
the password entry screen again to unlock the password, select
the blocked channel or open the menu again.

Changing the password

Use the following procedure to change the password.
Select "Setup" (/ then ENTER).
Select "System Setup" (/ then ENTER).
Select "Password" (/ then ENTER).
The password entry screen appears. Enter the current four-digit
password using buttons 0 to 9.
We suggest you write down your password so you don't forget it.
Downloaded From Manuals
Your password No.:
Select "Change Password" (/ then ENTER).
Password Setting
Change Password
Enter a four-digit password to be newly set, using buttons 0
to 9.
Enter the same password that you have entered in step 6.
If a different password is entered, the operation goes back to step 6
for reentry from the beginning.
You can try up to three times to reconfirm the new password before
the Change Password screen is automatically exited.
Press HOME MENU to exit the menu.
• Take a note of the newly set password and keep it handy.

Disabling the password function

Use the following procedure if you want to deactivate the protection
function that prompts password entry. The factory default is
Repeat steps 1 to 4 provided for
Select "Password Setting" (/ then ENTER).
Select "Disable" (/ then ENTER).
Press HOME MENU to exit the menu.
• The above procedure will reset the password to the factory
default (1 2 3 4).
• After disabling the password function, you cannot change the
Channel Lock settings. See Setting Channel Lock on page 31.
• After disabling the password function, you cannot change or
reset the password.
• When you enable the password function again after disabling it,
the factory default password (1 2 3 4) is restored.
If you forget the password
When the message "Please Input Your Password." is displayed,
press the ENTER button on the remote control unit and hold it
down for three seconds or longer.
The password reverts to "1234".
Changing the password .



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