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Pioneer KURO KRP-500A Brochure & Specs

Pioneer flat screen tv product brochure.
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  • Page 2 Don’t just watch, don’t just listen, be transformed. be consumed. Be changed mind, body and soul by experiences so intense they alter everything forever. By colours so vibrant they twist the very fabric of your being. By sounds so pure they you don’t just hear them, you become them. By a world so real, so rich, so pure, so beyond anything you’ve ever experienced it surrounds your senses, takes hold of your emotions, shatters your expectations and nothing will ever be the same.
  • Page 4 There’s a fascinating, enthralling world available to you. A world where the highest expressions of sight and sound finally come together and awaken your senses — elevating them to a new level of consciousness. A world where emotions are built with feelings so deep that tears fall like lead, fear rages like wildfire, and passions swell like a rising flood.
  • Page 6 KURO, Adj. Black: Being of the achromatic colour of maximum darkness: Origin: Japanese. When we set out to make a new display, our engineers sought to create the most immersive, experiential, emotionally powerful television experience possible. Period. Because we understand the passion that goes into producing amazing images, sounds, emotions and art, and we share it.
  • Page 7 Pioneer’s New KURO Flat Screen TV “PDP-LX6090”for Europe is awarded 2008-2009 Best Product in European Plasma-TV category from European Imaging and Sound Association. KURO Flat Panel Display KURO Flat Screen TV KRP-500M KRP-500A *KRP-500A with stand KRP-TS02 and side speaker KRP-S03...
  • Page 8 It also cuts annoying glare. All Pioneer PDP models use New Direct Colour Filters that provide enhanced chromatic purity for superior colour reproduction. Conventional Plasma Image...
  • Page 9 RGB high and low Pro Adjust Menu New, More Efficient OSD The new Pioneer OSD lets you display more information w i t h f e w e r o p e r a t i o n s .
  • Page 10 Witness perfection You are a witness. To visions never before seen. To heaving oceans tossing massive schooners about like a child’s toys. To blazing white mountaintops that pierce an azure sky. To the menace of a runaway train. To colours so rich, so detailed, all your senses come alive. You are a witness.
  • Page 11 8-bit processing 16-bit processing Deep Colour and x.v.Colour via HDMI The Pioneer Blu-ray Disc Players support high-bit Deep Colour, offering images with superb colour detail. The BDP-LX91 features 48-bit (except 1080p/50 and 1080p/60 output) colour depth, the first player to offer this ultra high performance capability, while the BDP-LX71 features 36-bit colour depth.
  • Page 12 The craft screams toward the sky, and your heart jumps into your mouth as the spine-shaking rumble obliterates the sound of your own gasping breath. Pioneer receivers are conceived and designed to be overbuilt. With tremendous headroom and processing power, they have the muscle and brains to create incredibly life like soundscape. They don’t reproduce sound.
  • Page 13 New Power Amp Module In order to make the most of the Direct Energy HD Amplifier, Pioneer developed an innovative power amp module. It puts the power supply, power device and speaker terminals inside a c o m p a c t u n i t t h a t i s o n e - t e n t h t h e s i z e o f p r e v i o u s configurations.
  • Page 14 A/V Multi-Channel Receiver SC-LX81 A/V Multi-Channel Receiver VSX-LX70 A/V Multi-Channel Receiver SC-LX71 A/V Multi-Channel Receiver VSX-LX51...
  • Page 15 Ultra Low Jitter Clock System with Sampling Rate Converter (SC-LX90/LX81) All of the Pioneer receivers use high-quality D/A converters, but to further ensure signal accuracy, they also feature a new clock system. After passing through the Low Jitter PLL and Crystal Oscillator circuits, the signal is upsampled to 192kHz by a Sampling Rate Converter.
  • Page 16: Dvd Player

    Every frame is rendered just as it was created. Every scene has the richness, depth and texture that define its unique beauty. In every format, for every film ever made, Pioneer DVD players were designed from the ground up to bring these works of art to life.
  • Page 17 This helps stabilise earthing for enhanced sound quality. Anti-Vibration Design To ensure that vibrations cannot affect the sound quality, Pioneer developed a reinforced chassis with dual layer construction. The player also employs a Direct Mount Drive Mechanism, which minimises vibrations from the drive.
  • Page 18 Or the Middle Ages. Anywhere, anytime, any world. It’s a place where the only limit is imagination. Where there are no boundaries. Only possibilities. You’ve just imagined a Pioneer Home Theatre System, where the latest technologies come together as never before.
  • Page 19 The HTP-LX70 and HTZ-LX61 not only have a beautiful appearance, they were developed with a view to ensuring that the area around the TV is neat and attractive. By employing Pioneer's Dual Centre Method, the centre speaker does not have to be placed above or below the TV, so speaker location can be more convenient.
  • Page 20 When we hear a lover’s voice, our pupils dilate. A song from long ago transports us instantly to another time and place. Pioneer EX speakers don’t simply reproduce sound. Designed around our CST technology, which delivers both midrange and high frequencies from a single origin, they deliver soundscapes with astonishing coherency. The result is a clarity and rich,...
  • Page 21 New Riffel Super Tweeter This tweeter unit was developed by Pioneer to handle the HD frequency range by achieving the ultra-high 100kHz reproduction of DVD-A and SACD. LDMC Magnetic Circuit Pioneer’s proprietary special-structure LDMC (Linear Drive Magnetic...
  • Page 22 RCA AV In PC Input DVI In RCA AV Out Antenna Terminal Analogue Tuner Headphone Out SUB WOOFER Out Pioneer System Remote Output LAN Port IR repeater Out RS-232C GENERAL Dimensions 1465 mm (W) x 876 mm (H) x 64 mm (D) Weight 49.9 kg...
  • Page 23 DIMENSIONS Unit: mm KRP-600M with KRP-TS01 1465 1319 KRP-500M with KRP-TS02 1233 1111 KRP-500P with KRP-TS02 1233 1111 Blu-ray Disc Players Specifications PLAYBACK DISCs BD-ROM (BDMV) BD-R/RE (BDMV/BDAV) DVD-Video DVD-R (Video Mode, VR Mode, BDMV, PC-Files DVD-R DL (Video Mode, VR Mode, BDMV, PC-Files DVD-RW (Video Mode, VR Mode, BDMV, PC-Files AVCHD (DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW) CD (CD-DA, DTS-CD, PC-Files...
  • Page 24 A/V Multi-Channel Pre-Main Amplifier/A/V Multi-Channel Receivers Specifications SC-LX90 Amplifier design Channels Amplification Type Direct Energy HD Front : 4 ohms / Others : 6 ohms Impedance guarantee Construction design Ultra Rigid Separated Construction • Advanced direct construction • 3-D space flame construction •...
  • Page 25 A/V Multi-Channel Pre-Main Amplifier/A/V Multi-Channel Receivers Specifications SC-LX90 Terminal Type A-type (ver. 2.0 Hi-speed) Memory Audio Support • Network Feature • (Audio, Movie + Image) Home Media Gallary Support PlaysForSure Certified • DLNA Certified • Internet Radios v.Tuner Neural Music Direct Copyright Protection Contents •...
  • Page 26 1 ( to 1080p/60 Hz) Out i. Link (IEEE1394) (DV Terminal) 1 In 2 (Type A Front/Type B Front) In Ethernet Pioneer System Remote Control SR Control In Dimensions (W x H x D) 420 x 77 x 355 mm Weight 6.6 kg...
  • Page 27 0.7W (STBY-HDMI CTRL ON) Unit * The term “KURO LINK” is expressed as “HDMI Control” on products and operating instructions. PIONEER CORPORATION PIONEER ELECTRONICS ASIACENTRE PTE. LTD. 4-1, Meguro 1-chome, Meguro-ku, (Co. Reg. No.: 199203130M) Tokyo 153-8654, Japan 253 Alexandra Road, #04-01 Lobby 2,

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