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Installation Precautions; Safety Devices Of The Door Operator; Safety Inspection; Checking Load Switch-Off - Normstahl Magic 1000 User Manual

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knowledge of the door operator is to use the device, they
must be supervised by a person who assumes
responsibility for their safety.

7 Installation precautions

Installation must be performed by qualified service
Work on the electrical installation must only be carried out by
authorised specialist personnel.
The load capacity and suitability of the supporting
construction of the building in which the door operator is to be
installed must be inspected and approved by an expert.
The door operator must be fully and securely attached at all
fastening points. All fastening materials must be selected
according to the nature of the supporting construction and
they must be able to withstand traction force of 900 N.
In the event of non-conformance with these
requirements, there is a risk of injury and material
damage caused by a falling operator or an uncontrolled
movement of the door.
When drilling the fastening holes, do not damage the building
structure or any electrical, water or other lines.
After lifting up the door operator to the ceiling, fasten it fully
with appropriate tools to prevent it from falling down. See
illustration on page 166.
Please observe appropriate industrial safety regulations and
keep children away during installation.

8 Safety devices of the door operator

The door operator has the following safety devices. Do
not remove them or alter their functionality.
• Automatic load switch-off during functions "OPEN" and
• Connection for photo cell / safety rail / optosensor
• EMERGENCY stop connection: Connection of a switch
(optional) to an inset door mounted in the garage door, for
• Emergency release (see page 168 (J))

9 Safety inspection

Checking load switch-off

The automatic load switch-off is a clamping and safety
mechanism that is designed to prevent accidents due to a
moving door.
Stop the door from outside with both hands at waist height.
When closing:
The door must stop automatically and reverse a little if it
comes into contact with an obstruction.
When opening:
The door must stop automatically when it meets with
resistance (if menu A7 = 001, it moves back a short distance).
After load switch-off, the door operator lights flash until the
next pulse or wireless command is received.

Emergency release

Check as per the information provided on page 168 (J).

Additional safety devices

Check for proper functioning as per the manufacturer's
Magic 1000

10 Controls and indicators

Pushbutton Close door / Minus
Pushbutton Menu / Confirm (Teach-in run)
Pushbutton Open door / Plus
Indicator lamp
Messages of the indicator lamp (8)
Status messages
A door in end position OPEN
B door between the two end positions
C door in end position CLOSED
Status messages
During door movement in OPEN direction
C => B => A...
During door movement in CLOSE direction
A => B => C...
L4 Set end position OPEN
L3 Reference run CLOSE and set end position CLOSED
L2 Teach-in run OPEN (load values)
L1 Teach-in run CLOSE (load values)
Err Error and error number (flashing)

11 Connections

EMERGENCY stop (green)
Photo cell (yellow)
Function programmable, see Chapter 18, C4
N000925 12/2010
9 / 214

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