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Additional Antenna; Troubleshooting; Causes Of Errors/Remedies; Display / Check Radio Level - Normstahl Magic 1000 User Manual

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Additional antenna

An external antenna can be connected to terminals 17 and 16
(GND). The internal antenna (terminal 17) must be
Figure: Control board See also page 171.

22 Troubleshooting

Interference frequencies
The wireless signals of other 433 MHz transmitters can
interfere with the door operator.
The system runs a self-test after initialisation, after each
motor operation and after every 2.25 hours in idle mode.
Error free = status message.
Error messages*
EEprom data
Current measurement
Hardware Photo cell
Switch off thyristors
Switch off relay
Watchdog test
ROM test
RAM test
SD test
Troubleshooting: Reset (Chapter 19) and then perform work
step Teaching in the door operator (Chapter 15).
If the error occurs again, request customer service.
Note: If the same error occurs in two successive self-tests,
the control system will be disabled (commands are rejected).
After approximately one further minute, the system runs
another self-test. If no errors are detected, the control system
is enabled again. If the error persists, a reset will need to be
performed. This will delete all settings and the door operator
will have to be taught in again.

Causes of errors/Remedies

Possible cause/Remedy
Door operator light
The door has hit an obstruction, do
flashes evenly
function test
Door operator light
Door operator is not taught in,
flashes at intervals of
attention no protection by load
switch-off! Carry out door operator
Teaching in the door operator
(Chapter 15)
Incorrect setting of door or
protection device not
entrapment protection device /
Reset and teach in again
The operator is not
None or wrong voltage supply / The
working at all.
fuse of the motor control is defective
/ Check external terminals 7 and 8.
Magic 1000
The operator is
Operator closes the
door slowly (soft
start) whilst door
operator light flashes
The operator
switches off during
Remote transmitter is
not working, LED not
Remote transmitter is
not working
The operator cannot
be used via the wall
keypad (optional).
The operator cannot
be used via the
remote transmitter

Display / check radio level

The signal strength of the received radio signal can be
displayed, for this:
• During one of the 3 status messages A, B or C (seeChapter
10), press the pushbuttons
(approx. 1 s), F0 flashes in the display.
• Press the two buttons again simultaneously
(approx. 1 sec), the radio level display is activated.
x=1 no radio signal ...x=8 high signal strength
The radio level display remains activated until the two buttons
are pressed again simultaneously (approx. 1 sec.).
Changing the fuse
• Remove the operator hood, see page 171.
• Remove the faulty fuse (S1) from the fuse holder (S2) and
replace it. Make sure that the new fuse has the correct
• Replace the operator hood.
Restore the mains connection.
Changing the battery of the remote
Open the housing cover. Remove the battery, fit a new one
and replace the housing cover.
N000925 12/2010
The slides are not snapped-in
properly./The toothed belts are not
tensioned correctly./The door
thresholds are frozen.
Operator teaches in the travel
automatically. After CLOSED end
position, moves automatically to
OPEN end position. If the door
operator light flashes in intervals of
4, carry outTeaching in the door
operator (Chapter 15)
Check that the door is running
smoothly and that the entrapment
protection device is working properly
/ Reset / Teach in the door operator
Replace the batteries
If the function message assigned to
the transmission pulse is not
displayed whilst the transmitter is
actuated (see Chapter 16): Teach in
remote transmitter / Poor reception
(install optional antenna)
Check the wall keypad and control
Radio level too weak. There are
interfering radio signals from other
transmission sources / Carry out
radio level check as described below
Pull out mains plug.
Use only leak-proof batteries. Make sure the polarity
is correct. Dispose of used batteries in an
environmentally-friendly way.
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