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«Calc'n clean" (E)
Cleaning the Boiler
To extend the life of your steam generator and to
avoid any build up of scale, it is essential that you
rinse out the boiler after several hours of use. If your
water is hard, increase the frequency.
Do not use descaling agents for rinsing out the
boiler, as they could damage it.
1. Check that the appliance is cold and unplugged
for more than 2 hours, and that the removable
water tank (1) is empty.
2. Place your appliance on the edge of your kitchen
3. Unscrew the boiler drainage plug located on the
bottom of the appliance using a coin.
4. Holding your steam generator in upside down
position, and using a jug, fill the boiler (in the
base unit) with 1/4 litre of water
5. Shake the base unit for a few moments and then
empty it completely over a sink or bucket. To
obtain the best result, we recommend that this
operation is done twice
6. Important: before re-closing, make sure no
water remains in the boiler.
7. Replace and tighten up the boiler drainage plug
with a coin
Automatic clean warning
(depending on model)
Pilot light (3) will flash indicating that boiler must be
rinsed. To do this, follow the procedure described
in the section above.
To reset «Calc'n clean" pilot light and counter,
switch the station off twice, keeping it off during at
least 30 seconds each time
Auto shut-off
(depending on the model)
If during ironing the steam release button (11) on
the handle of the iron is not pressed for a certain
length of time (8 minutes), the steam station will
automatically switch off.
The "Auto shut-off" pilot lamp (7) will flash when
auto shut-off has been activated.
To switch the steam station back on, press the
steam release button again, and wait until the "Auto
shut-off" pilot lamp remains lit continuously.
Cleaning & Maintenance
1. After ironing, pull out the plug and allow the
appliance to cool down before cleaning.
2. Wipe the housing, handle and iron body with a
damp cloth.
3. If the soleplate is soiled with dirt or scale, clean
it with a damp cloth.
4. Never use abrasive products or solvents.
• Always unplug the appliance from the mains
supply before carrying out any cleaning or
maintenance operation on it.
Storing the appliance (D)
1. Always allow the appliance to cool down before
storing it.
2. Set the main power to the «0" position and
disconnect the mains cable.
3. Place the iron on the iron pad, standing on the
4. Empty the water tank and store the mains cable
on the cord rewind facility. Tidy the steam hose
on the handle of the iron using the cord clip
provided (14). Do not wrap the cords too tight.


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