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Trouble shooting

The steam
• There is a connection problem.
generator does
not come on.
• The main power button is not switched
The iron does not
• The main power button is not switched
heat up.
• The temperature control knob is set to
the «min" position.
The iron begins
• During first use: Certain components on
to smoke when
the appliance have been lightly greased
switched on.
at the factory and may produce a little
smoke when initially heated.
• During later use: the soleplate may be
Water flows
• The steam function is being used before
through the holes
it has reached temperature.
on the sole plate.
• The water is condensing inside the pipes
because steam is being used for the
first time or has not been used for a long
Dirt comes out
• There is a build-up of scale or minerals
through the sole
in the steam tank.
• Chemical products or additives have
been used.
The iron does
• The boiler is not switched on or the
not produce any
water tank is empty.
• The water tank is not fitted onto the
housing correctly.
• The steam regulator is set to the
minimum position.
The ironed
• The selected temperature is too high
garment turns
and has damaged the garment.
dark and/or sticks
to the soleplate.
The soleplate turns
• This is a regular consequence of usage.
Possible causes
• Check the mains cable, the plug and
the socket.
• Set the main power (6) button to the
«I" position.
• Set the main power (6) button to the
«I" position.
• Set the temperature control knob
(10) to the desired position.
• This is completely normal and will
stop after a short while.
• Clean the soleplate according to the
cleaning instructions in this manual.
• Reduce the steam flow when ironing
at low temperatures (Variable steam
control (4)).
• Point the iron away from the ironing
area and press the steam release
button (11) until steam is produced.
• Use tap water mixed 50% with
distilled or demineralised water. If
the tap water in your district is very
hard, mix tap water with distilled
water 1:2.
• Clean the sole plate with a damp
• Never add products to the boiler
• Set the main power (6) button to the
«I" position and/or fill the water tank.
• Fit the water tank back onto the
housing correctly (you will hear a
• Increase the steam flow by turning
the steam control (4).
• Select a suitable temperature for the
material being and clean the sole
plate with a damp cloth.
• Clean the soleplate regularly with a
damp cloth.


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