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Siemens slider SL45 Operating Instructions Manual

Siemens slider SL45 Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions
slider SL45


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  • Page 1 Operating instructions slider SL45...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Index Page General safety instructions 1 Description 2 Preparations 3 Setting the temperature 4 Ironing with steam 5 “pulseSteam” function 6 Ironing without steam 7 Vertical steam 8 “Intelligent steam” function 9 Energy saving button 10 Auto shut-off 11 Fabric protection soleplate cover 12 calc’nClean Plus 13 Rinsing the iron steam chamber 14 Cleaning &...
  • Page 4: General Safety Instructions

    Thank you for buying the slider Important SL45 steam station, the new steam- Open out the first page of the booklet, ironing system from Siemens. this will help you to understand how Carefully read through the operating the appliance works. This appliance...
  • Page 5 instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision. • Keep the iron and its cord out of reach of children less than 8 years of age when it is energized or cooling down.
  • Page 6: Description

    Description 1. Water tank 11. “Refill water tank” / “Clean warning” pilot light 2. Removable iron pad 12. Illuminated main power button (0/I) 3. Carrying handles 13. Iron fixation system “secureLock” 4. “calc’nClean Plus” scale collector 14. Housing with internal steam 5.
  • Page 7: Preparations

    The steam generator will take more Preparations time to reach “Steam ready” state only upon the initial heating up, or after performing the de-scaling 1. Release the iron from its lock system g” operation (calc’nClean). (13) by pulling the lever located at When water is already present in the the heel of the iron backwards.
  • Page 8: Setting The Temperature

    • The iron is not designed to rest on its Ironing with heal. Please always position it steam horizontally on the iron pad (2). • The iron pad can be placed into the • The steam control is used to adjust specially designed recess on the the amount of steam produced when appliance or somewhere suitable...
  • Page 9: "Pulsesteam" Function

    Attention: Remarks: When ironing on a lower temperature • It is possible to stop the shots of setting “•”. steam by quickly pressing the steam button again. • If the appliance has variable steam control (10*), set the variable steam •...
  • Page 10: "Intelligent Steam" Function

    “Intelligent steam” Fabric protection function soleplate cover (model dependent) (model dependent) This system has intelligent steam The fabric-protection soleplate cover control, which, after releasing the (20*) is used for steam-ironing delicate steam release button (16), provides a garments at maximum temperature small amount of additional steam.
  • Page 11 Do not use descaling agents for rinsing 1. Check carefully that the appliance is out the boiler, as they could damage it. cold and unplugged for more than 2 hours, and that the water tank (1) is Automatic clean warning empty.
  • Page 12: Rinsing The Iron Steam Chamber

    Rinsing the iron steam chamber Caution! Risk of burns! This procedure helps to remove scale particles out of the steam chamber. This cleaning procedure may be performed occasionally (approximately once a year), when after a long period of use with very hard water, scale particles start to come out of the soleplate.
  • Page 13: Cleaning & Maintenance

    Cleaning & Storing the Maintenance appliance 1. Always allow the appliance to cool Attention! Risk of burns! down before storing it. Always unplug the appliance from 2. Set the main power button to the “0” the mains supply before carrying position (the red light will go off) and out any cleaning or maintenance disconnect the mains cable.
  • Page 14: Tips To Help You Save Energy

    Tips to help you Guarantee conditions save energy Steam production consumes the most The terms of the guarantee for this energy. To help minimise the energy appliance are in accordance with that used, follow the advice below: stated by our representative for the country in which it is sold.
  • Page 15: Trouble Shooting

    Trouble shooting Problem Possible causes Solution Pilot light (11) • Boiler and filter must be • Rinse the filter and the flashes rinsed. boiler according to the cleaning instructions in this manual (see section “calc’nClean Plus”). The steam • There is a connection •...
  • Page 16 Problem Possible causes Solution Dirt comes out • There is a build up of scale • Use tap water mixed through the or minerals in the steam 50% with distilled or soleplate. tank. demineralised water. To prolong the optimum steam function, mix tap water with distilled water 1:1.
  • Page 17 (2). If the above does not solve the problem, get in touch with an authorised technical service. You can download this manual from the local homepages of Siemens. * Model dependent S IEME NS...
  • Page 20: Customer Service

    Customer Service Great Britain Siemens Customer Service Grand Union House Old Wolverton Road Milton Keynes MK12 5PT UK: +44 (0)844 892 8999 IRL: +353 (0)1450 2655 001 SL45-reg GB../03/13...

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