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3. Follow the instruction on screen to read current or to
set new LCD Panel ID code.
4. Restart computer : the new LCD should work normally.
Note: When you set a new LCD Panel ID and the new
LCD is not yet enabled (to function), so connect an
external CRT to see the program execution process.
Make sure the new ID code you choose corresponds
with the LCD brand and type. If you write a wrong ID
into inverterm, just reboot and re-execute the program
and input the correct ID code.
Note: If LCD cannot display after change ID code, make
sure you write the correct ID code, or try reseating
the LCD coaxtial cable connectors.

Thermal Sensor

The system is equipped with sensors to protect against
system overheating. By setting system and processor
thermal thresholds, the system can turn on the cooling fan
or shut down automatically when temperatures reach the
defined threshold parameters.
System experiencing frequent auto sensor shutdown may
need to reset the thermal sensor threshold and execute
the fan test to ensure the normal operation of the cooling
Follow the steps below to set thermal threshold:
1. Install the ThinkPad CE Utility Diskette and restart the
2. Select 2. Thermal Sensor Utility from the main menu.
3. Select 1. Read Thermal Settingto view the original
setting or 2. Set Default Thermal Settingto restore the
default setting.
The Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) is a 128–bit number
uniquely assigned to your computer at production and
stored in the EEPROM of your 24RF08. The algorithm that
generates the unique number is designed to provide
unique IDs until the year A.D. 3400. Consequently, no tow
computers in the world will have the same number.
When you replace the system board, you must set the
UUID on the new system board as follows:
1. Install the ThinkPad CE Utility Diskette and restart the
2. Select 3. UUID Data Utility from the main menu then
make a selection to read or create the UUID data.
ThinkPad R30 and R31 HMM


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