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Nokia Mediamaster 9200S Owner's Manual

Nokia owner's manual satellite receiver 9200s, 9600s.
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Owner's Manual
9200 S
9600 S
GB 1


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   Summary of Contents for Nokia Mediamaster 9200S

  • Page 1

    Owner’s Manual MEDIAMASTER 9200 S 9600 S GB 1...

  • Page 2: Important Information

    Important Information Wiring the plug (UK and Eire only) The mains lead on this product is already fitted with a non-rewireable (moulded) plug incorporating a fuse, the value of which is indicated on the pin face of the plug. Should the fuse need to be replaced, an ASTA or BSI approved BS 1362 fuse must be used of the same rating, marked thus: If the fuse cover is detachable always refit the cover after replacing the fuse.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    • Use a soft cloth and a mild so- lution of washing-up liquid to clean the casing. • Nokia is proud to offer a high quality product. To keep this level of quality, service should be carried out only at a Nokia authorised service centre.

  • Page 4: Rear Panel, Front Panel

    Rear panel Mains lead 0/12 VOLT 230 V AC for an +/- 15%, external LNB 50 Hz switch AUDIO L R Stereo outputs for connection to a HiFi system Front panel Display shows programme information. At start up, it displays software and boot/loader number Slot for the CA module and the Smart Card...

  • Page 5

    Installation The box for your Mediamaster should contain the following items: • the Mediamaster • a remote control handset with batteries. • a fully featured SCART cable which can be used to connect your Mediamaster to the TV or video recorder. •...

  • Page 6: Connecting To A Hi Fi System

    Connecting the Mediamaster to a TV set • Do not remove the cable from the TV to the TV aerial. • Connect one end of the SCART cable to the TV SCART socket on the back of the Mediamaster and the other end to the SCART input socket on your TV.

  • Page 7: Preparing The Remote Control

    Nokia Smart priority switch (at A B in the diagram). • Connect the coaxial cable between output A on the NOKIA Smart priority switch (accessory) to the LNB socket on the analogue receiver.

  • Page 8: Switching On For The First Time, Before You Continue

    CA module and Smart Card. Model 9600 S only CA modules and Smart Cards are licenced to Service Provid- ers. If you want to watch TV programmes from a Service Provider you must use a CA module (Conditional Access) with a Smart Card.

  • Page 9: Remote Control

    Remote control This section describes how to operate the Mediamaster using the buttons on the remote control. You can also change programmes by pressing buttons on the Mediamaster‘s front panel. To turn the Mediamaster on/off (standby). Press once to switch to audio language/audio track (if available).

  • Page 10: About The Smart Card And Ca Module

    About the Smart Card and CA Module. Model 9600 S only To be able to receive pay-TV channels you will need a CA Mod- ule and a Smart Card from the Service Provider of your choice. The Service Provider is the distributor of the programmes. If you are subscribing to services from more than one Service Provider, you might have to change between different Smart Cards, or even between different CA Modules.

  • Page 11: Basic Settings, The Welcome Menu, Antenna Configuration

    Basic Settings The Welcome Menu To install the Mediamaster properly you have to adjust a few set- tings. You will always be guided by the information at the bottom of the menus. When you have finished the final part of the setup procedure you can start watching TV channels and listen to Radio channels.

  • Page 12: Channel Search

    Dish adjustment ASTRA, HOTBIRD, THOR and SIRIUS all have one (1) prepro- grammed channel each. If the dish is already correctly adjusted and your selection on line “LNB frequency” is also correctly set, you should now see a programme (from the satellite you just selected) in the background.

  • Page 13

    IMPORTANT! If you have a combination which consists of more than 1 LNB and/or more than one dish, you must connect the LNB:s to an external switch. Once installed and configured, the switch automatically performs the choice of correct LNB to the desired programme channel. This external switch is better known as a DiSEqC (Level 1 or 2 type).

  • Page 14

    Antenna Configuration Set-Up If you have another antenna (dish) combination you can configure it with this menu, which appears when you make a selection from the “Antenna Configuration” menu, line “Multiantenna / LNB:s for multiple Satellite positions”. (You can also recall this menu at a later occasion. From the Main Menu;...

  • Page 15: Smatv Or If Frequency Channel Search

    Channel Search set-up The information to enter in this menu is available in various maga- zines covering satellite TV reception, or from your Service Pro- vider. You must also use it e. g. if you later want to add channels from a new transponder.

  • Page 16: Viewing Tv, Important General Information, Start/stop Watching Tv, Select Channel

    Viewing TV Important general information The following will describe the basic functions of your Media- master during the watching of TV or listening to Radio channels from the Mediamaster. Sometimes the information may not be displayed as illustrated. Many of the functions described here are dependent on the Service Provider and/or can only be used if they are included in the transmitted programme information.

  • Page 17: Tv Guide, The Radio Button

    From here you can also obtain information about other channels. Select with the up/down buttons. If you stop on another chan- nel number and press OK, you will exit the menu and return to TV mode, but now on the new channel. If you select “Next”...

  • Page 18: Volume Level, List Of Radio Channels

    Volume level Increase or decrease the sound level by pressing the “+” and “-” buttons. A control bar will be displayed on the screen during level adjust- ment. (The max. level for volume is the current volume setting on the TV set). Please note, that the volume adjustments also change the vol- ume level to your VCR during recording.

  • Page 19: Video Recorder, Analogue Receiver, Subtitling And Teletext. The Text Button

    Video recorder With a Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) connected you can watch/ record video tapes. If your VCR is connected with a SCART cable and you press the Start button on the VCR, the playback will start and interrupt the TV programme from the Mediamaster.

  • Page 20: Settings From The Main Menu, The Tv Guide And Radio Guide

    Settings from the Main Menu How to show the Main Menu Press the MENU button and you will get the Main Menu on the TV screen. Press the TV or EXIT button to leave the menu. Submenus from the Main Menu If you select one of the highlighted titles and press the OK but- ton, a submenu will be shown on the TV screen.

  • Page 21: Parental Control

    From the CD menu you can control an external CD player con- nected to the SCSI socket. To use present and future CD-ROM applications, the player must have the following features: a) SCSI-2 connection b) support one of the following standards: CD-XA / CD-ROM / Video-CD / Photo CD Parental Control By pressing OK on the line “Parental Control”...

  • Page 22: Installation Submenus, Antenna Configuration And Channel Search, Advanced Channel Search

    Installation Submenus Installation Select this Menu from the line “Installation” in the Main Menu. The submenu will give you the opportunity to change the prefer- ences performed during first time installation. You can also add features that were not included from the first time installation. Please note that helpful information for every line is given at the end of the menu.

  • Page 23: Edit Tv And Radio Channels, Language Settings, System Settings

    Edit TV and Radio Channels From these menus you can change the order of the TV and Ra- dio channels to your needs by simply selecting and moving a channel to a new position. You may also delete unwanted channels. Follow the instructions in the menu.

  • Page 24: Receiver Upgrade, Automatic Installation, Symbols On The Mediamaster Display

    Receiver upgrade (9600 S only) If your Service Provider has a new software version available for the Mediamaster, you can enter this menu and obtain informa- tion. You can select “Yes” if you want to download it now, or “No” if you prefer to do it at a later time.

  • Page 25: Glossary Of Terms

    Glossary of terms Access Authorisation to use the coding system to purshase/order TV programmes. Automatic Gain Control Audio system With digital satellite reception, the sound is transmitted in packages and is selected either in a special audio mode or pre-selected by using instal- lation set-up.

  • Page 26: Problem Solvings

    Problem solvings Problem The display on the front panel does not light up/is not lit No sound or picture Bad picture/blocking error The remote control is not working CA Module not inserted Viewing card error Automatic messages: Check card No card in the slot What to do if you can’t solve the problem If you have tried all of the actions suggested above, without solving the problem, please contact your dealer.

  • Page 27: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Transmission Standards DVB, MPEG 2 LNB / Tuner input Connector 1x F-type (LNB) RF input frequency 950-2150 MHz RF input power level -20 to -70 dBm Supply voltage 13,5 /18,5 V 5% Max. current 400 mA, overload protected Control voltage 22 kHz, 0,65 V DiSEqC...

  • Page 28

    9200 S 9600 S 66 76916-14 © 9847 Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation GB 28...

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