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   Summary of Contents for Dell Inspiron 3500

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    ® Š 'HOO ,QVSLURQŒ 6(783*8,'( ZZZGHOOFRP...

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    ® Š 'HOO ,QVSLURQŒ 6(783*8,'( ZZZGHOOFRP...

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    Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Computer Corporation is strictly forbidden. Trademarks used in this text: Dell and the DELL logo are registered trademarks, Inspiron is a trademark, and DellWare is a registered service mark of Dell Computer Corporation; MS-DOS , Microsoft , and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation;...

  • Page 5: Accessing The Internet

    :HOFRPH ® This guide is intended for anyone who is setting up or starting to use a Dell ™ Inspiron 3500 portable computer. Both first-time and experienced computer users should complete Chapter 1 to properly configure a computer for operation. The remaining chapters describe procedures for accessing the Internet and using soft- ware and hardware.

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    The Reference and Troubleshooting Guide provides maintenance informa- tion, and troubleshooting procedures for solving common problems. The Dell System User’s Guide contains information you need to use and maintain your portable computer. To open the guide, double-click the Dell System User’s...

  • Page 7

    &RQWHQWV &KDSWHU 3UHSDULQJ<RXU&RPSXWHUIRU8VHWKH)LUVW7LPH  Setting Up Windows 98 ..........1-1 Adding a Printer .

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    &KDSWHU 8VLQJDQG,QVWDOOLQJ6RIWZDUH   Accessing Programs ..........4-1 Basic File Management.

  • Page 9

    Port Replicator ........... 5-15 Connecting the Replicator to the Computer.

  • Page 10

    7DEOHV Table 3-1. Major Features of the Windows Desktop ..... 3-2 Table 3-2. Start Menu Options ........3-3 Table 3-3.

  • Page 11

    Windows 98 operating sys- tem already installed. Perform the setup steps provided in this guide so that the software functions properly on your Dell computer. 6HWWLQJ8S:LQGRZV Initial setup of Windows 98 takes about 10 minutes. The setup process is customized according to which computer components you have.

  • Page 12

    Complete the initial setup of Windows 98 on your Dell computer by following these steps: Turn on your computer. NOTE: Do not press <F2> if the message Press <F2> to enter Setup appears. If you press <F2> now, the initial setup of Windows 98 will not com- plete correctly.

  • Page 13

    Read the license agreement, click I accept the Agreement, and then click Next>. If you do not accept the agreement, you cannot access Windows 98. After you accept the license agreement, the Product Key window appears. Find the Product Key on the Certificate of Authenticity on the front cover of the Getting Started/Microsoft Windows 98 document, enter the Product Key in the fields provided, and then click Next>.

  • Page 14

    Maintain Your Computer — Configures your computer for regular automated computer maintenance. NOTE: To ensure optimal performance with your Dell computer, do not change the defaults for this option. When you place the cursor over an option, the screen text to the right of Contents automatically updates to display information about that option.

  • Page 15: Adding A Printer

    The System User’s Guide is a handy reference tool as you work on your desktop. It allows you to search for information in multiple ways and to quickly link to related topics. To open the guide, double-click the Dell System User’s Guide icon on your desktop. Preparing Your Computer for Use the First Time...

  • Page 16

    Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 17

    If your computer came with an internal modem, the modem was set up along with other devices when the computer was shipped to you from Dell. Make sure you con- nect the telephone line to the modem connector on the computer as illustrated in the Dell System User’s Guide .

  • Page 18

    NOTE: Dell is not an online service or ISP . Questions about your Internet account should be directed to your online service or ISP . You can set up an Internet account and configure your computer for Internet use from the Online Services folder or Internet Connection wizard.

  • Page 19

    2EWDLQLQJ DQ ,63 Local ISPs are usually listed in your telephone directory. When choosing an ISP , com- pare various service providers by asking the following questions: Is your software compatible with my operating system? Make sure the software is compatible with Windows 98. Do you provide a browser and e-mail program? Most ISPs provide a popular browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer (already installed on your computer) or Netscape Navigator.

  • Page 20

    My computer is already set up for the Internet. Do not show me this wizard again. Select this option if you have already set up an Internet connection and config- ured your computer for Internet use through the Online Services folder or Internet Connection wizard. Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 21

    ISP . NOTE: Dell recommends that you do not install Internet Explorer 3.x if the browser software supplied by your ISP asks you to. Instead, finish the installation of the soft- ware and then configure the browser for Internet Explorer 4.0.

  • Page 22

    Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 23

    & + $ 3 7 ( 5   &XVWRPL]LQJWKH:LQGRZV'HVNWRS This chapter describes the main features of the Windows desktop and explains how to customize the Windows 98 operating system for your use. It also tells you how to get help while using Windows. If you are a new Windows user, the Windows tutorial can help orient you to Windows operations.

  • Page 24: Control Panel

    Recycle Bin as explained in “Deleting Files” in Chapter 4. Internet Double-click this icon to launch the Internet Connection Wiz- Explorer ard and prepare to access the Internet. Start taskbar button )LJXUH  6WDUW %XWWRQ 0HQX Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 25

    Programs Displays a list of installed programs you can start. Favorites Displays a list of favorite Web content and sites, including the Dell Channel. Documents Displays a list of most-recently opened documents. Settings Displays a list of user-configurable computer components.

  • Page 26

    Point your mouse cursor at an icon to pop up a short description of its settings. Double-click an icon to see the settings that you can change for that item. Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 27

    6HWWLQJ8S'LVSOD\3URSHUWLHV The Display Properties window contains controls for customizing the way Windows looks on your computer. For example, you can change your desktop’s wallpaper (back- ground) and screen saver. To access display settings, follow these steps: Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel. Double-click the Display icon.

  • Page 28

    Preview button )LJXUH  6FUHHQ 6DYHU 7DE RI WKH 'LVSOD\ 3URSHUWLHV :LQGRZ Table 3-4 describes the various parts of the Screen Saver tab. After you make any changes, click Apply or OK to apply them. Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 29: Shortcuts

    7DEOH  6FUHHQ 6DYHU 7DE )HDWXUHV )HDWXUH )XQFWLRQ Preview window Displays the current screen saver. Screen Saver Choose a screen saver from the pull-down menu, or click pull-down menu (None) if you prefer not to activate a screen saver. Settings button Click this button to change various features of the screen saver.

  • Page 30: Using Windows Help

    The Contents tab lists help topics by subject, the Index tab lists topics alphabetically, and the Search tab lets you search for topics based on words you provide. For more information on using Windows Help, refer to Microsoft Windows documen- tation that came with your computer. Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 31

    & + $ 3 7 ( 5   8VLQJDQG,QVWDOOLQJ6RIWZDUH This chapter provides information about using the Windows 98 operating system to perform basic tasks, such as starting programs, managing files, and properly shutting down your computer. It also discusses adding and removing software packages and loading device drivers.

  • Page 32

    (see Figure 4-2). You can use this program to locate files on any drive or folder in your computer. To open Windows Explorer, click the Start button, point to Programs, and then click Windows Explorer. Alternatively, right-click My Computer, and then click Explore. Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 33

    drive icons folder icon plus icon )LJXUH  :LQGRZV ([SORUHU The left side of the window shows drives and folders, and the right side lists the files in the drive or folder selected. A plus (+) icon to the left of a drive or folder indicates the presence of additional folders.

  • Page 34

    Click the Edit menu, and then click Paste. 5HQDPLQJ)LOHV To change the name of a file, follow these steps: Use Windows Explorer or My Computer to locate the file you want to rename. Click the file to select it. Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

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  • Page 36

    :LQGRZV8SGDWH:L]DUG To ensure optimal performance with Windows 98, your computer has been config- ured and tested by Dell. Should you want to update your computer, Dell recommends that you download updates from Dell’s World Wide Web site at Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 37

    FRPSDWLEOH ZLWK \RXU FRPSXWHU <RXU FRPSXWHU PD\ EHFRPH XQXVDEOH LI \RX XSGDWH LW XVLQJ WKH 8SGDWH :L]DUG NOTE: Dell provides support for your computer as it was configured by Dell. Dell does not provide support for computers that are updated using the Windows 98 Update Wizard.

  • Page 38

    Drivers are software files that enable your computer to communicate with installed and connected devices. All of the devices installed by Dell already have drivers installed. If you add devices, such as a printer, they may require additional drivers to work properly. Contact the device manufacturer if the necessary drivers are not provided on a diskette or CD.

  • Page 39: Getting Help

    Inspiron 3500 computer. This help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To contact Inspiron 3500 technical sup- port, call 1-877-326-3355. Before you call, locate your Express Service Code on the bottom of the computer.

  • Page 40

    4-10 Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 41: Video Display

    & + $ 3 7 ( 5   8VLQJ&RPSXWHU+DUGZDUH This chapter provides information and tips on using your computer hardware (physical parts of a computer). It also includes general instructions for using a port replicator. Many of the computer devices you might want to use or connect come with their own instructions and/or software.

  • Page 42

    1024 x 768 and 16 million colors. The video drivers Dell installed for you are designed to offer the best performance on the computer. It is recommended that you use only these drivers with your factory- installed operating system.

  • Page 43: External Monitor

    You can conserve up to 5 percent of battery power by using the minimum brightness setting. ([WHUQDO0RQLWRU Your Dell Inspiron computer has a monitor connector for attaching an external monitor. To connect and use an external monitor, follow these steps. &RQQHFWLQJDQ([WHUQDO0RQLWRU Turn off the external monitor and your computer.

  • Page 44: Using An External Monitor

    64,000 colors at a noninterlaced resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. NOTE: When the external monitor and built-in display are used simultaneously, the refresh rate of the built-in display is always 60 hertz (Hz). Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 45

    &KDQJLQJWKH5HIUHVK5DWHRQ([WHUQDO0RQLWRUV The refresh rate is the rate at which the monitor redraws the video image on the screen. The higher the refresh rate, the less video flicker can be seen by the human eye. If the video image on an external monitor appears to flicker (typically at a refresh rate of 60 Hz), select a higher supported refresh rate by following these steps: Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

  • Page 46: Batteries

    Close the battery bay latch by using your index finger to push it toward the front of the computer until it is flush with the computer casing. Using your thumb, push the battery bay latch in. Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 47: Keyboard

    Start the computer. For instructions on installing a battery in the options bay, see “Options Bay” found later in this chapter. See the Dell System User’s Guide for more information on using the battery. .H\ERDUG You can connect an external keyboard or keypad with a standard connector to the PS/2 connector on the computer by using an adapter available from Dell (see Figure 5-5).

  • Page 48: Key Combinations

    Keyboard icon in the Control Panel (refer to “Control Panel” in Chapter 3). .H\&RPELQDWLRQV Table 5-1 lists various key combinations that you can use to complete certain func- tions. For more information on key combinations, refer to the Dell System User’s Guide . 7DEOH  .H\ &RPELQDWLRQV DQG )XQFWLRQV .H\ &RPELQDWLRQ...

  • Page 49: Touch Pad

    7DEOH  .H\ &RPELQDWLRQV DQG )XQFWLRQV FRQWLQXHG .H\ &RPELQDWLRQ )XQFWLRQ Display Key Combinations <Fn><F8> Toggles the video image to the next dis- play in the following sequence: ‡ Built-in display ‡ External monitor ‡ Both displays simultaneously <Fn><down-arrow> Incrementally decreases brightness <Fn><up-arrow>...

  • Page 50: Mouse

    To incorporate your changes, click Apply. To use the touch pad, the PS/2 Mouse option in the System Devices menu of the Setup program must be Enabled. Dell has already installed the touch pad drivers for you. NOTE: Keep your fingers away from the touch pad while the computer is booting or loading the operating system.

  • Page 51: Options Bay

    Dell installed on your hard-disk drive work with a PS/2 mouse, serial mouse, or USB mouse from Dell. If you did not receive your mouse from Dell, you must install device drivers separately to use the mouse. This software is usually included with mouse installation kits.

  • Page 52

    Plug and Play devices are a mouse, joystick, USB speakers, and Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) expansion cards. To ensure that a device is Plug and Play-compatible, see the manufacturer’s documentation that came with the device. 5-12 Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 53: Cd-rom And Dvd-rom Drives

    To install a Plug and Play device on a computer running Windows 98, perform the following steps: Save and exit any application programs and files you have open. Shut down Windows 98. For instructions, see the section, “Shutting Down Your Computer,” in Chapter 4. Turn off and unplug the computer.

  • Page 54: Speakers

    You can connect speakers, a microphone, headphones, and record/playback devices such as cassette players, CD players, and VCRs to the sound jacks on the computer. Dell recommends using amplified speakers for the best sound. 5-14 Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 55: Port Replicator

    3RUW5HSOLFDWRU The I/O connectors on the back of the Dell Inspiron 3500 Port Replicator duplicate those on the back of your computer, so you can attach any external device to the replicator that you can attach to the computer.

  • Page 56

    Make sure that there is a charged battery in the computer. Turn off the computer. Pull the release handles on the side of the replicator to undock the computer (see Figure 5-11). release handles (2) )LJXUH  'HWDFKLQJ WKH &RPSXWHU )URP WKH 5HSOLFDWRU 5-16 Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 57

    $GGLQJD3ULQWHU &$87,21 7R PDLQWDLQ D VWURQJ VLJQDO IURP WKH FRPSXWHU XVH D ELGLUHFWLRQDO SDUDOOHO FDEOH PHDVXULQJ  IHHW RU OHVV /RQJHU FDEOHV PD\ SUHYHQW WKH SULQWHU IURP RSHUDWLQJ SURSHUO\ Most printers come with specific instructions for connection and installation of neces- sary software and drivers.

  • Page 58

    15. Select Yes or No to indicate whether you want to print a test page. Then click Finish. 6\VWHP8SJUDGHV You can purchase various upgrades for your computer, including memory, hard-disk drives, printers, scanners, and so on. Refer to the Dell System User’s Guide for infor- mation on upgrading your computer. 5-18 Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 59

    Many common questions about your Dell computer are answered in this chapter. If you do not find a solution, refer to the “Contacting Dell” section of the System User’s Guide . For troubleshooting tips and diagnostic tools, refer to the Reference and Troubleshooting Guide .

  • Page 60

    Basic input/output system (BIOS) updates are available from Dell’s File Library; they are released to either fix problems or add features. You should probably not upgrade your BIOS unless it is recommended by a Dell technician or you are experiencing problems with your hardware configuration. Always read the release notes included with the update thoroughly before making a decision to upgrade your BIOS.

  • Page 61

    )LJXUH  %DWWHU\ &KDUJH *DXJH See the Dell System User’s Guide for more information on the battery. You can also double-click on the battery icon in the Windows 98 taskbar for informa- tion on battery power. If you are using the AC adapter, the battery icon does not appear.

  • Page 62

    :KHUHFDQ,ILQGGULYHUVIRUP\PRQLWRU" Monitors do not require drivers; video cards require drivers. If the question is which monitor to select, choose either the Dell monitor model you have or the Plug and Play ® monitor (VESA DDC option). If the question is which video drivers to use, use the ones provided with the video card.

  • Page 63

    ,QGH[ drivers, 4-8 DVD-ROM drives, 5-13 assistance, 6-4 embedded numeric keypad, 5-7 backing up files, 4-8 & files cautions, v backing up, 4-8 CD-ROM drives, 5-13 copying, 4-4 deleting, 4-5 Control Panel, 3-4 finding, 4-3 moving, 4-4 renaming, 4-4 fixing problems, 6-4 desktop frequently asked questions arranging shortcuts, 3-8...

  • Page 64

    My Computer, 4-1 removing, 4-7 Windows Explorer, 4-2 key combinations, 5-8 display, 5-9 power conservation, 5-9 speaker, 5-9 system functions, 5-9 refresh rate, changing, 5-5 Windows logo key, 5-8 resolution, changing, 5-1 keyboard, 5-7 keypad embedded, 5-7 Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

  • Page 65: Accessing Programs

    screen saver, 3-6 video display about, 5-1 service, 6-4 changing refresh rate in Windows 98, setup display properties, 3-5 changing resolution in Windows 98, printer, 5-17 shortcuts, 3-7 shortcuts arranging, 3-8 setup, 3-7 wallpaper, customizing, 3-5 shutting down, 4-6 warnings, v software drivers, 4-8 Windows 98...

  • Page 66

    Dell Inspiron 3500 Setup Guide...

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