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Brother HL-S7000DN Product Safety Manual page 5

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• DO NOT put objects on top of the product. Doing so could increase the risk of overheating
and/or fire should the product malfunction.
• DO NOT place your product next to sources of interference, such as speakers or the base units
of non Brother cordless telephones. Doing so may interfere with the operation of the product's
electronic components.
• DO NOT place the machine on more than 2 tilted/slanted surface. When lifting or moving the
machine after the ink cartridge is installed, try to keep the machine as level as possible and do
not keep the machine tilted for a long time. Tilting the machine may cause ink spillage and
internal damage to the machine.
• Disruption of power can delete information from the product's memory.
• If there is a power failure or the power cord of the machine is left unplugged for a long period
of time, set the date and time again after the power is restored. If the date and time are not set,
the product's automatic cleaning function will not work properly and print quality may decrease.



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