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Brother HL-S7000DN Product Safety Manual page 4

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DO NOT put the product in a location where any slot or opening in the product is obstructed or
blocked. These slots and openings are provided for ventilation. Blocking the product's
ventilation could create a risk of overheating and/or fire.
• Keep a gap of roughly 330 mm between the ventilation hole and the wall.
• Place the product on a solid surface. DO NOT place the product on a bed, sofa, rug, or other
similar soft surface.
• DO NOT place this product in a "built-in" installation unless adequate ventilation is provided.
Avoid placing your product in a high-traffic area. If you must place it in a high-traffic area, ensure
that the product is in a safe location where it cannot be accidentally knocked-over, which could
cause injury to you and serious damage to the product. Also ensure that cords are secured so
as not to pose a tripping hazard.
DO NOT connect your product to electrical sockets controlled by wall switches or automatic
timers, or to the same circuit as large appliances, such as an air conditioner, copier, shredder,
etc. that might disrupt the power supply.
DO NOT place heavy objects on the product. DO NOT place this product on an unstable cart,
stand, or table. The product is heavy and may fall, causing injury to you, and serious damage to
the product. Particularly if the product is located in an area used by children, ensure it is in a
safe and stable position.



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