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Introduction; Main Features; Accessories; Firmware Updates - Yamaha Rivage PM10 Owner's Manual

I/o rack rpio622.
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Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha RPio622 I/O rack.
The RPio622 is an audio interface that enables you to
flexibly configure and expand I/Os for the RIVAGE PM10
system as required by your application or the scale of your
In order to take full advantage of the RPio622's superior
functionality and enjoy years of trouble-free use, please
read this manual before you begin using the product. After
you have read the manual, keep it in a safe place together
with the warranty for future reference.

Main Features

• Six RY card slots that enable you to expand analog
inputs and outputs, and/or digital inputs and outputs.
• Two HY card slots that are capable of transmitting and
receiving up to 256 ins/outs of digital audio signals and
control signals. HY card slot 1 features 256 ins/outs,
and HY card slot 2 features 128 ins/outs.
• Two mini-YGDAI slots to support various audio
• Two power supply units are provided as standard, so
that you will be able to continue using the rack with
one power supply unit in case a problem occurs with
the other.


• Owner's Manual (this document)
• AC Power cords (x2)
• Euroblock plug

Firmware Updates

You can update the unit firmware to improve the
operation, add functions, and correct possible
Details on updating the firmware are available on the
following Yamaha Pro Audio website:
For information on updating the firmware, please refer to
the firmware update guide available on the website.
Precautions for
Rack Mounting
This unit is rated for operation at ambient temperatures
ranging from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. If you mount this
unit along with other RPio622 unit(s) or other device(s) in
an EIA standard equipment rack, temperatures inside the
rack may rise, possibly resulting in impaired performance.
When rack mounting the unit, always observe the
following requirements to avoid heat buildup:
• When mounting the unit in a rack with devices such as
power amplifiers that generate a significant amount of
heat, leave 1U space or more between the RPio622 and
other equipment. Also, either leave the open spaces
uncovered or install appropriate ventilating panels to
minimize the possibility of heat buildup.
• To ensure sufficient airflow, leave the rear of the rack
open and position it at least 10 centimeters from walls
or other surfaces. If the rear of the rack cannot be left
open, install a commercially-available fan or similar
ventilating option to secure sufficient airflow. If you
have installed a fan kit, there may be cases in which
closing the rear of the rack will produce a greater
cooling effect. Refer to the rack and/or fan unit manual
for details.

Recessed Installation

If you want to recess the front panel surface of the unit
from the front edge of the rack, you can adjust the position
of the rack mount brackets to recess the unit by 50 mm or
100 mm, as shown in the illustration below.
When you install the brackets, use the same screws that you just
50 mm
100 mm
RPio622 Owner's Manual


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