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Yamaha PM1D Operating Manual

Manager for windows operating manual.
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PM1D Manager for Windows
Operating manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 PM1D Manager for Windows Operating manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents About the “PM1D Manager for Windows operating manual” ..... . 3 Conventions in the “PM1D Manager for Windows operating manual” ....3 System requirements .
  • Page 3: About The "pm1d Manager For Windows Operating Manual

    RECALL [1]–[12] switches in the SCENE MEM- ORY block of the console. System requirements The following system is required in order to start up PM1D Manager. An IBM PC/AT compatible computer with at least a Serial port or USB port...
  • Page 4: Installing Pm1d Manager

    This section explains how to install the PM1D Manager program. Before you install the software, you must read the license agreement (licence_e.txt) found on the “PM1D SYSTEM SOFTWARE” CD-ROM. You may use the software on the CD-ROM only if you accept the terms of this license agreement.
  • Page 5: Uninstalling Pm1d Manager

    2. When the Control Panel opens, double-click the ager.” “Add or remove applications” icon. 2. Check the “Remove PM1D Manager” button, and 3. Select the “PM1D Manager” item, and click “Add or click the “Finish” button. remove.” The software will be uninstalled.
  • Page 6: Using The Application

    PM1D Manager for Windows Operating manual Using the application This section explains how to start and exit PM1D Manager, and how to perform basic operations. Starting You can use either of the following methods to start up PM1D Manager. 1 From the Windows “Start” menu, select “Start”- Hint “Programs”-“YAMAHA PM1D System”-“PM1D...
  • Page 7: Initialization Procedure

    Using the application Initialization procedure If you want to initialize all current settings of the PM1D 3. To execute the initialization, click the OK button. Manager and its scene memories and libraries, you can Memories that have been initialized cannot be use the following procedure to restore the factory-set recovered.
  • Page 8: Screens Unique To Pm1d Manager

    PM1D Manager for Windows Operating manual Screens unique to PM1D Manager This section explains the screens that differ from the console and are unique to PM1D Manager. Upper part of the display (common to all screens) 1 Connection status ...Indicates that a cable is con-...
  • Page 9: Lower Part Of The Function Menu

    Each button has the following function. Initialize All Memories button When you click this button, the current settings of the PM1D Manager as well as the scene memo- 1 EXIT button ries and the various libraries will all be initialized This button exits the PM1D Manager application.
  • Page 10: Communication Between Pm1d Manager And The Console/engine

    PM1D Manager for Windows Operating manual Communication between PM1D Manager and the console/engine If you connect the console/engine and the PC, you can use PM1D Manager as a supplementary controller for the system. “Online” refers to a state in which the console/...
  • Page 11 Communication between PM1D Manager and the console/engine System example 6: Dual Console mode Console1 Console2 (CS1D) (CS1D) Engine (DSP1D) • You can connect and use either PC1 or PC2 (not both). • Even if a PC is connected to console 2, it cannot be used.
  • Page 12: Connections

    ( p.17). 2. Power-on the connected console/engine. For details, refer to “CS1D Reference Manual (Soft- 3. Start up PM1D Manager, and click the OPTION ware)” contained in the CS1D Owner’s Manual SYS/ button located in the lower left of the Function W.CLOCK function.
  • Page 13: Online Operating Procedure

    3 Hint meters for USB connection. In this version of PM1D Manager, it is not possible to select uploading to a system that includes a console If time code is running when you attempt to initiate (examples 1–4 p.10).
  • Page 14: Offline Operating Procedure

    PC are still online (*) maintained from its online state, but the scene * In these cases, PM1D Manager will attempt to return memories and all library data will not be main- all data on the PC to the recovery point, but it is possi- tained.
  • Page 15: Special Considerations

    PC and Due to functional limitations, realtime control and console, this type of meter will not be displayed on the monitoring of the fade time is not possible on PM1D Manager. Thus, the manual fade function cannot be Also, the meter will not be displayed on the PC.
  • Page 16 These functions are specific to the console, and do Hint not exist in PM1D Manager. If you want to transfer data created on PM1D Man- ager to the console, store the PM1D Manager settings MUTE MODE buttons in the lower part of the on the PC to an ATA compatible PC flash storage...
  • Page 17: Usb Midi Driver

    USB MIDI Driver If you are connecting the console/engine to a USB port on your PC, you’ll need to install the Yamaha USB driver. If this driver is already installed, or if you will be using a serial connection (RS-232-C connector), you do not need to install the USB driver.
  • Page 18: Windows Me

    PM1D Manager for Windows Operating manual Windows Me 1. Start your PC and Windows, and insert the 4. Select “Automatic search for a better driver (Rec- included CD-ROM into your PC’s CD-ROM drive. ommended),” and then click Next. Windows Me should be able to locate the driver 2.
  • Page 19: Windows Xp

    9. Click Finish, and then restart your PC. Troubleshooting Cannot control the console/engine via USB cable, then reconnect it, and now try installing the Have you installed the Yamaha USB MIDI driver (see driver again. page 17)? How to remove & reinstall the Yamaha USB MIDI...
  • Page 20 IP 20 M.D.G., Pro Audio & Digital Musical Instrument Division, Yamaha Corporation © 2002 Yamaha Corporation Printed in Japan...

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