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Samsung MW7490W Service Manual page 9

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Table of Contents
Disassembly and Reassembly
4-6 Replacement of Control Circuit Board
4-6-1 Removal of Control Box Assembly
1. Be sure to ground any static electric charge in
your body and never touch the control circuit.
2. Disconnect the connectors from the control
circuit board.
3. Remove screws securing the control box
4. Remove the screw securing the ground tail of the
4-6-2 Removal of P.C.B Assembly
1. Pull the lever end of the plastic fastener and
remove the Flexible Printed Circuit(FPC) of
membrane panel.
2. Remove screw securing the control circuit board.
3. Lift up the control circuit board from the Ass'y
control box.
4. When reconnecting the FPC connector, make sure
that the holes on the connector are properly
engaged with the hooks on the Plastic Fastener.
4-6-3 Removal of Window Display & Membrane Panel
1. Window display should not be disassembled as
its mounting tabs will be broken. If repair work
is difficult, replace with Ass'y control panel.
2. The membrane key board is attached to the
escutcheon base with doublefaced adhesive
tape. Therefore, applying hot air such as using of
hair dryer is recommended for smoother
3. When installing new membrane key board, make
sure that the surface of escutcheon base is
cleaned sufficiently so that any problems
(shorted contacts or uneven surface) can be
Control Box
FPC Connector
Samsung Electronics

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Table of Contents

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