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Samsung MW7490W Service Manual page 3

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1-2 Special Servicing Precautions (Continued)
17. When checking the continuity of the witches
or transformer, always make sure that the
power is OFF, and one of the lead wires is
18. Components that are critical for safety are
indicated in the circuit diagram by
19. Use replacement components that have the
same ratings, especially for flame resistance
and dielectric strength specifications. A
replacement part that does not have the
same safety characteristics as the original
might create shock, fire or other hazards.
1-3 Special High Voltage Precautions
1. High Voltage Warning
Do not attempt to measure any of the high
voltages--this includes the filament voltage
of the magnetron. High voltage is present
during any cook cycle.
Before touching any components or wiring,
always unplug the oven and discharge the
high voltage capacitor (See Figure 1-1)
2. The high-voltage capacitor remains charged
about 30 seconds after disconnection. Short
the negative terminal of the high-voltage
capacitor to the oven chassis. (Use a
3. High voltage is maintained within specified
limits by close-tolerance, safety-related
components and adjustments. If the high
voltage exceeds the specified limits, check
each of the special components.
Fig. 1-1. Discharging the High Voltage Capacitor
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Table of Contents

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