Time Since Brewed Feature; Coffee Brewing Tips; Delayed Brewing - Black & Decker CM9050 Instructions Manual

12-cup programmable coffeemaker
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Available languages

14. To turn off coffeemaker at any time, press power (
15. Unplug appliance when not in use.
The Sneak-A-Cup
feature allows you to pour a cup of coffee from the carafe
while coffee is brewing. When carafe is removed, brewing process is paused.
Simply replace carafe on the adjustable warming plate within 30 seconds and
brewing resumes.
Note: If the carafe is not replaced within 30 seconds the filter basket may
1. once coffee has brewed, press KeeP WARM button to select desired holding
temperature of adjustable warming plate.
2. Temperature range is from 1 (lowest temp) to 7 (highest temp).
3. When button is pressed, number "4" (medium temp) will appear in digital
4. Press HoUR (HR) button to increase setting and MINUTe (MIN) button to
decrease set temperature.
When brewing small amounts of coffee, press the 1 – 4
CUPS button. CUP
display (K).


To check freshness of brewed coffee, press and hold TIMe
SINCe BReWed button. The digital display will indicate
how long ago last brewing was completed. When button
is released, normal time display will appear. This feature
will function until coffeemaker is manually turned off or
after 2 hours when coffeemaker automatically turns
o ff (l).


1. Follow steps 1 through 9 under BReWING CoFFee.
2. Make sure clock has been set to correct time of day.
3. Press PRoGRAM (PRoG) button; clock icon appears on left side of digital
4. digital clock displays 12:00 or previous preset delayed brewing start time.
5. To change time, press HoUR (HR) button until desired correct hour appears
on display. Repeat with MINUTe (MIN) button within 5 seconds. (If minute
setting is not changed within 5 seconds, clock will revert to default time and
selection of hour and minute must be repeated.)
6. Press PRoG button again. delayed brewing time is set and digital display
returns to current time of day.
7. Press AUTo button to activate delayed brewing. AUTo indicator light will
illuminate on digital display screen.
) button.
will appear on left side of digital
8. To check preset delayed brew time, press PRoG button and display will
show CloCK icon and time selected for delayed brewing to begin. Press
AUTo button to return to delayed Brewing cycle.
9. To cancel AUTo brew, press AUTo button and then press power (
button to brew coffee, or press power (
will turn off; all lights will go out.


• Stir coffee in carafe before serving to evenly distribute flavor.
• Coffee that is poured during brewing cycle may vary in strength from
finished brew.
• Not sure how much coffee to use? Begin by using 1 level scoop of medium
grind coffee for each cup of coffee to be brewed.
• Never reuse coffee filters; they absorb flavors from brewed coffee and
will give newly brewed coffee a stale flavor. They may also tear and allow
grinds to drip into newly brewed coffee.
• open coffee grounds are best stored in refrigerator in tightly sealed
container. once opened coffee should be used within 1 month.
• If carafe filled with coffee is left on adjustable warming plate, be sure to
remove coffee grounds from filter basket as soon as they have cooled
slightly. This will keep coffee from developing bitter taste.
• For special occasions, whip some heavy cream with 1 or 2 tablespoons of
hazel nut, chocolate or almond liqueur. Use to top off each cup of coffee.
• Rinse the carafe and brew basket holder with warm water immediately
after each use to maintain good coffee flavor.
• Keep your coffeemaker very clean; it affects the flavor of coffee.
• For iced coffee, brew coffee with twice the normal amount of grounds. Ice
will dilute the coffee flavor. or make coffee ice cubes from left over coffee
and brew your coffee at its normal strength.
• Remember when pouring hot liquid into a glass, always put a spoon in the
glass before adding the hot liquid.
) button again and coffeemaker

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents