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Delayed Brewing; Getting Started; Setting Clock; Sneak-A-Cup Feature - Black & Decker DLX1050BC Use And Care Book Manual

12-cup programmable coffeemaker
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How to Use

This product is for household use only.


• Remove all packing material, and any stickers from the product.
• Remove and save literature.
• Please go to to register your warranty.
• Wash all removable parts as instructed in CARe And CleAnIng section of
this manual.
• open one-piece cover and insert empty basket-style
paper filter into removable filter basket (C).
• Pour fresh cold water into the water reservoir up to the
2 MAX mark (D).
• Uncoil power cord and plug into standard electrical
• Brew water through appliance following the BReWIng
CoFFee instructions without adding coffee grounds.
This removes any dust or residue that may remain in
the system during the manufacturing process.
• discard the water from the carafe and the paper filter from filter basket.
• Turn off the appliance; unplug it and allow appliance to cool down.
. open the one-piece cover of the coffeemaker.
2. Fill carafe with desired amount of cold tap water using
water markings on carafe; pour into water reservoir.
do not exceed the 2-cup MAX level (E).
3. Insert removable filter basket into filter basket holder.
4. Place basket-style paper filter into the removable filter
5. Add desired amount of ground coffee. We suggest one
heaping tablespoon per cup (F).
6. Close one-piece cover securely.
7. Place brew-thru lid on empty carafe and place carafe
on the "Keep Hot" carafe plate.
Note: Coffee may overflow if brew-thru lid is not properly
8. Plug cord into standard electrical outlet.
9. Press on/oFF button. The PoWeR indicator lights up and brewing begins.
You do not have to set the clock if you want to brew coffee right away. For
delAYed BReWIng see instructions.
0. To keep coffee hot, replace carafe on the "Keep Hot" plate when not
serving coffee. The coffeemaker will keep coffee warm for 2 hours before
automatically shutting off.
. once coffee grounds have cooled, carefully open one-piece cover to
expose filter basket and using basket handle, remove and discard used
grounds and paper filter. Close one-piece cover.
2. Unplug appliance when not in use.
The Sneak-A-Cup
feature allows you to pour a cup of coffee from the carafe
while the coffee is brewing. When the carafe is removed, the brewing process
is paused. Simply replace the carafe on the carafe plate within 30 seconds
and brewing resumes.
Note: If the carafe is not replaced within 30 seconds the filter basket may
. Plug appliance into standard electrical outlet.
2. The digital clock display flashes 2:00 AM until
correct time is programmed into appliance (G).
The coffeemaker will brew coffee without the clock
being set.
3. To set correct time of day: Press HoUR (HR) button until the correct time
appears on the display. Repeat process with MIn button.
Note: For AM there is no light showing on the digital display. For PM there
is a small light in the left top corner of the display by the PM.
Tip: Holding the button down makes the hours and minutes change rapidly
after a short delay; tapping changes the time in  hour and  minute
Note: The coffeemaker will continue to keep time unless unplugged or
power is interrupted even momentarily; the time will need to be reset.
(Follow steps -3).


. Follow steps  through 8 in BReWIng CoFFee.
2. The digital clock displays the time of day.
3. Press the PRogRAM (PRog) button and the light on the right top corner
of the digital display begins blinking to indicate programming is being set.
4. To set DELAYED BREWING time: Press HoUR (HR) then the MIn button
to select the time you would like the coffee to automatically begin brewing
(for example, 8:0 AM)
5. Press the PRogRAM (PRog) button again. The light at the top right of the
digital display begins flashing. The delayed brewing is set.
6. Press the AUTo button to activate delayed brewing. The light at the top
right of the digital display comes on and stays on.
7. To check the preset auto time, press the PRogRAM (PRog) button and
it will display the time selected for delayed brewing to begin. Press the
AUTo button again to re-activate delAYed BReWIng.



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