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Panasonic KY-C113A Operating Instructions Manual

Induction heating cooktop.
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Thank you very much for purchasing Panasonic Induction Heating Cooktop.
Please read Operating Instructions carefully before use. This product is intended for household use only.
Be sure to read carefully "Safety Precautions" (Page 4–5) before use.
This product is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
You can choose free-standing or built-in installation of this product. The Operating Instructions is applicable
for both installation types.
Any failures or accidents resulted from installations regardless of the Installation Instructions are not within
the scope of warranty.
Keep Operating Instructions, Installation Instructions and Guarantee Certificate.
非常感謝您購買 Panasonic IH 磁應煮食爐。
使用前請務必仔細閱讀"安全注意事項" (第 6 - 7 頁) 。

Operating Instructions

Induction Heating Cooktop
* Installation example (built-in)
* 安裝示例圖(嵌入式)
IH 磁應煮食爐
Model No.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    * Installation example (built-in) * 安裝示例圖(嵌入式) Thank you very much for purchasing Panasonic Induction Heating Cooktop. Please read Operating Instructions carefully before use. This product is intended for household use only. Be sure to read carefully “Safety Precautions” (Page 4–5) before use.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    About IH Cooking 關於 IH 烹調 New IH cooktop brings you... Table of Contents IH heating mechanism MORE COMFORTABLE, EASIER & MORE EFFICIENT IH 加熱原理 COOKING COMFORT: About IH Cooking ....2 Eddy current Less radiation heat maintain clean air in the kitchen.
  • Page 3: Top Plate

    Safety Precautions Be sure to follow Safety Precautions. Accident Example: Failure to follow these instructions may cause a risk of WARNING: A crack is on the top plate. Plug or cord gets overheated. personal injury or death. Smells like something is burning. Moving a cord gets the heater turned off.
  • Page 4 安全注意事項 請務必遵守安全注意事項。 警告  注意  表示如不避免 ,則可能導致死亡或嚴重傷害的某種潛在危害情況。 : 如不遵守以下守則 ,則可能導致輕微或中度傷害的某種潛在危害情況。 為了防止火災、灼傷和觸電 防止火災或發生意外 請避免油炸烹飪。 為了避免發生意外,請注意下列事項: 本機不帶油溫控制系統。因此,在油炸時可能會因油過熱而導致火災。 如果您佩帶起膊器,請諮詢醫生。 (本產品的使用可能會影響起膊器。 ) 使用 IH 爐頭烹炒時,請遵守以下事項︰ 保持鍋具平穩。 (鍋具摔落會造成人員受傷或灼傷。 ) 切勿將紙等物放於鍋具下。 (紙張會因鍋具的熱量而被燃燒。 ) 請勿在無人看管的情況下使用本機。 切勿加熱空鍋或過度加熱。 (否則,食材可能會燃燒進而損壞鍋具。 ) 切勿過度加熱。 切勿將本產品用於烹飪之外的其他用途。 (如果本產品用於烹飪之外,則可能會發生故障。 ) 使用低火力段預熱。 (如果油量少且加熱過度,則會因油溫迅速上升而導致起火。 ) (如果鍋底較薄或不平,當用高火力段加熱時 , 鍋具底部可能會變紅或變形。 ) 重要事項...
  • Page 5: Parts Identification

    Parts Identification 零件識別 Safety Function Operation Panel (The detail of each function is explained in referred page.) 安全功能 操控面板 ( 每種 功能的詳情 ,請參照 相關頁碼 中 的 解 釋 說 明 。 ) High temperature caution light ............See page 8 高溫顯示燈...
  • Page 6: Types Of Pots That Can Be Used

    Types of Pots that can be used 可以使用的鍋具類 Iron/Cast iron Enamelled iron The bottom is flat and has uniform contact with the top plate. 鍋具底部平坦,並與面板接觸均勻。 鐵/鑄鐵 搪瓷鐵 12 cm to 26 cm 12cm 至 26cm Shape of Do not use: The round-bottom pot.
  • Page 7: Basics Of Ih Cooking

    Basics of IH Cooking IH 烹飪基礎 Preparation How to use count-down timer(1 minute to 9 hours 30 minutes) 準備 如何使用倒數計時器(1 分鐘到 9 小時 30 分鐘) When the set time elapses, the buzzer will sound and the power will be turned off automatically. After setting the heat level, press the to set the count-down timer.
  • Page 8: Tips For Ih Cooking

    Tips for IH Cooking IH 烹飪技巧 Points for each cooking method 各種烹飪方法的要點 A Guide on the Heat Level Adjustment. The heat intensity generated by pots varies depending on their materials. Adjust the heat level in accordance to what you are cooking. ➡...
  • Page 9: Ih 烹飪技巧

    Tips for IH Cooking IH 烹飪技巧 How to Clean 如何清潔 Wipe off the light stains with a damp cloth. Always keep and use IH heater heats up a pan quickly. the unit in clean condition. Short time is enough for preheating 用濕布擦去輕度污漬。...
  • Page 10: 故障排除

    Troubleshooting 故障排除 The following symptoms are not failures. Before asking for repairing, try to find out the reasons by referring to the following table and solve the problems by yourself. 下列症狀並非故障。請在聯繫修理事宜之前,先遵照下表症狀檢查原因,並自我排除。 Symptom Probable cause Remedy Page 症狀 原因 解決方法 Symptom Probable cause Remedy Page...
  • Page 11 IH cooking ➡ It is a failure. heater from. Note the error code, and report it to the — service centre. 這是一個故障。 請關閉主電源開關和斷路器,並立即與服務中心聯絡。 並將錯誤代碼告知服務中心。 Panasonic Corporation Web Site: ZY02H988 © Panasonic Corporation 2010 F0410T0...

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