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Panasonic KY-E227D Installation Instructions

Induction heating cooktop.
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Post-installation Checklist
Upon completing installation, check and mark off the following items.
• Does the appliance not look like it is tilted to the
front, back, left or right?
• Is the edge of the bottom surface of the top plate not
lifted up?
• Is the top plate clean?
• Is the power supply a single phase, 220 V?
• Has the earth been installed?
• Has the earth leakage circuit breaker been installed?
to turn the power on.
→ Does the main power light
to start heating.
→ Does the "–" indication
• Make sure to turn off each IH heater and the main power switch after electrical
testing is done.
• Provide the Operating Instructions, Installation Instructions and Guarantee
Certifi cate to the customer.
I hereby certify that installation has been completed.
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© Panasonic Corporation 2014
fl ash?
Signature of installer
Printed in Japan

Installation Instructions

Induction Heating Cooktop
For domestic use
Model No.
Safety Precautions -------------------------- 2
Dimensions ------------------------------------ 3
Related Dimensions
(Built-in) ---------------------------------------- 4
Installation Location ------------------------- 5
Electrical Work -------------------------------- 6
Installing the Appliance --------------------- 7
Post-installation Checklist ----------------- 8
• Install the appliance according to the
Installation Instructions.
Otherwise, the performance of the
appliance may be degraded.
• The installer is responsible for proper
Malfunctions or accidents resulting from
the failure to follow Installation Instructions
are not covered under the guarantee.
• Make sure to have a qualified gas
technicians (or personnel from gas
company) close the gas valve when
replacing the gas appliances with this unit.
• Do not install an oven under the cabinet.
• Make sure to perform a test run and
explain to the customer how to use the
appliance correctly.
• Provide these Installation Instructions to
the customer for the local electrical
inspector's use.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Installation Instructions

    • Make sure to perform a test run and explain to the customer how to use the appliance correctly. • Provide these Installation Instructions to Web Site: the customer for the local electrical inspector’s use. © Panasonic Corporation 2014 Printed in Japan ZY16HD88 F0814K0...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Top view (unit: mm) Failure to observe this may cause electric shock in case of appliance breakdown or insulation breakdown. • KY-E227D/KY-C227D • KY-A227D • Have a qualifi ed electrician earth the appliance. Improper earthing may cause electric shock. Exhaust vent Exhaust vent •...
  • Page 3: Installation Location

    Related Dimensions Installation Location (Built-in) Secure clearance for ventilation in the cabinet. (unit: mm) Observe related laws for installation. Side view For incombustible wall and ceiling (metal, tile, brick, etc.) More than 470 • Including heat-insulating board made of metal, tile , brick, etc. (Depth of mounting hole) Intake −0...
  • Page 4: Electrical Work

    Free-standing for the wall socket (box type). Insert the plug to the socket. Rated current • Do not place paper or sheet under the appliance. • KY-E227D: • KY-C227D/KY-A227D: 30 A 20 A Earth leakage Built-in Rated sensitivity current:...

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