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Honeywell HT-906 Series Owner's Manual page 3

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The Turbo Force
High Velocity Air Circulator Fans are aerodynamically
designed to give you the versatility of changing this fan's angular direction
simply by adjusting the fan to the desired angular output (Fig.1). Upon using
this fan, you will feel a strong and powerful air stream that will quickly
move air to provide a cooling effect.
Honeywell Air Circulator Fans can help save energy and can
lower monthly utility bills all year round. Our air circulators
increase distribution of cooler air from your air conditioner or
warmer air from your heating system, creating a vortex of air
flow for increased comfort. Increased air flow allows the air
conditioning and heating systems to be used at lower settings
to help save you money.
In the summer:
Circulate cool
air by using
with window
or central air
Circulate cool
air upstairs.
saVInGs aLL YEaR
Increase Heating source Efficiency: Use
with other heat sources, such as wood stoves,
baseboard heaters, and or vents to help
circulate the warm air throughout the room.
Fig. 1
In the winter:
Circulate warm
air. Position
your air
circulator in an
open location
for upward air
Run it on a low
setting to move
the hotter air
from the ceiling
and circulate
the warmer air
throughout the



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