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Wine Cellar Use; Normal Sounds; Using The Control; Lock - Whirlpool wwc287bls Use & Care Manual

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Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install wine cellar.
Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.
2. Move the wine cellar into its final location.
3. Turn the leveling legs to the right to lower the wine cellar or
turn the leveling legs to the left to raise it. It may take several
turns of the leveling legs to adjust the tilt of the wine cellar.

Normal Sounds

Your new wine cellar may make sounds that your old one didn't
make. Because the sounds are new to you, you might be
concerned about them. Most of the new sounds are normal. Hard
surfaces, such as the flooring and surrounding structures, can
make the sounds seem louder. The following describes the kinds
of sounds and what may be making them.
Your wine cellar is designed to run more efficiently to keep
your wine at the desired temperatures and to minimize energy
usage. The high efficiency compressor and fans may cause
your wine cellar to run longer than your old one. You may also
hear a pulsating or high-pitched sound from the compressor
or fans adjusting to optimize performance.
Rattling noises may come from the flow of refrigerant or items
stored inside the wine cellar.
As each cycle ends, you may hear a gurgling sound due to
the refrigerant flowing in your wine cellar.
You may hear water running into the drain pan when the wine
cellar is defrosting.
You may hear clicking sounds when the wine cellar starts or
stops running.

Using the Control

Your wine cellar has electronic temperature controls that allow
you to set the temperature in both the upper and lower
compartments. This allows you to select the exact temperature to
meet your specific wine storage needs.
Upper chamber
Activa ion
Adjusting Controls
The temperature of the wine cellar can be set in a range between
39°F (4°C) and 64°F (18°C). Each compartment can be set to a
different temperature in that range.
To set the upper compartment temperature, press the Set Upper
button. The temperature will increment one degree each time the
button is pressed.


Lower chamber
Set Upper
Set Lower
NOTE: Having someone push against the top of the wine
cellar takes some weight off the leveling legs. This makes it
easier to adjust the leveling legs.
4. Open the door and check to make sure that it closes as easily
as you like. If not, tilt the wine cellar slightly more to the rear
by turning both front leveling screws to the right. It may take
several more turns, and you should turn both leveling legs the
same amount.
To set the lower compartment temperature, press the Set Lower
button. The temperature will increment one degree each time the
button is pressed.
Temperature Display
The temperature separator displays the current temperatures
(Fahrenheit or Celsius) for the upper and lower compartments of
the wine cellar. To switch from Farenheit to Celcius, press and
hold the Set Upper and Set Lower buttons simultaneously for
approximately five seconds until a beep sounds and the display
To view the current temperature setting for a compartment, press
the button for that compartment once, and the temperature will
flash for five seconds and then will return to the current
The wine cellar is equipped with a lock that is located behind the
door handle. To lock the wine cellar, insert the key all the way into
the lock and turn clockwise. To unlock, turn the key

Wine Racks

To Remove and Replace the Wine Racks
1. To remove a rack, tilt the rear of the rack up and pull forward.
2. To replace the rack, place the rack on the support brackets
and push the rack down until it locks into place.

Stocking the Wine Cellar

The wine cellar has a maximum capacity of 38 bottles of wine,
when the humidors are not in use.
NOTE: For optimum wine storage, place white wines at the
bottom of the wine cellar, light red wines in the center and red
wines at the top.


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Table of Contents

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