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Lighting The Wine Cellar; Wine Cellar Care; Cleaning - Whirlpool wwc287bls Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents
To Stock the First Four Racks
1. Starting at the left-hand side, place the bottom of the first
bottle against the back of the wine rack in the rear left corner.
2. Place the second bottle beside the first with the bottom of the
bottle aligned with the front trim of the wine rack.
3. Continue in this manner for the next 3 bottles.
4. Place the base of the sixth bottle in the right rear corner of the
5. Place the last bottle between the fifth and sixth placed bottles
with the base of the bottle aligned with the front trim of the
wine rack.
1 2 3 4 5
Explosion Hazard
Use nonflammable cleaner.
Failure to do so can result in death, explosion, or fire.
Clean the wine cellar about once a month to avoid build-up of
odors. Wipe up spills immediately.
To clean your wine cellar:
1. Unplug wine cellar or disconnect power.
2. Remove all racks from inside the wine cellar.


To Stock the Bottom Two Racks
Starting on the left hand side of the wine rack, place 5 bottles on
the rack with the base of each bottle against the back of the wine
rack and the front aligned with the front trim.
If humidity conditions are low, it will be necessary to use the
1. Fill the humidors about ³⁄₄ full with fresh water.
2. Place 1 humidor on the bottom most rack of both the lower
and upper compartment. Place the longest side of the
humidor so that it runs parallel with the right wall of the wine
3. Check the water level occasionally and refill as necessary.
NOTE: Each humidor reduces the storage capacity of the wine
cellar by 1 bottle when installed as per instructions.

Lighting the Wine Cellar

The wine cellar has an interior light that comes on any time the
door is opened.
The light is controlled by a two position switch.
Turns the light on.
Sets the light to turn on only when the door is


3. Hand wash, rinse, and dry removable parts and interior
surfaces thoroughly. Use a clean sponge or soft cloth and a
mild detergent in warm water.
To protect wood trim pieces, do not immerse the entire
rack into water when cleaning.
Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaners such as window
sprays, scouring cleansers, flammable fluids, cleaning
waxes, concentrated detergents, bleaches or cleansers
containing petroleum products on plastic parts, interior
and door liners or gaskets. Do not use paper towels,
scouring pads, or other harsh cleaning tools. These can
scratch or damage materials.
To help remove odors, you can wash interior walls with a
mixture of warm water and baking soda (2 tbs to 1 qt
[26 g to 0.95 L] of water).

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Table of Contents

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