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Troubleshooting - NEC NDH-160 Owner's Manual

Hdd/dvd recorder
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Check the following guide for the possible cause of a problem before contacting service.
No power.
No picture.
No sound.
The playback picture is
The recorder does not
start playback.
The picture from the
external input is
Some channels are
skipped over when
using v / V.
The picture or sound of
broadcasting channel is
weak or missing.
Camcorder image is not
Camcorder image via
A/V input or DV IN to
recorder is not shown
on TV screen.
The power cord is disconnected.
The TV is not set to receive recorder
signal output.
The video cable is not connected
The connected TV power is turned off.
Progressive is set to ON, while the TV
cannot receive progressive scan
The equipment connected with the
audio cable is not set to receive
recorder signal output.
The audio cables are not connected
The power of the equipment connected
with the audio cable is turned off.
The audio connecting cord is damaged.
The disc is dirty.
No disc is inserted.
An unplayable disc is inserted.
The disc is placed upside down.
The disc is not placed within the
The disc is dirty.
The Rating level is set.
The video signal from the external
component is copy-protected.
Those channels are not stored in the
Aerial or cables are loose.
Camcorder is off.
The recorder's source is incorrect.
Plug the power cord into the wall
outlet securely.
Select the appropriate video input mode
on the TV so the picture from the
recorder appears on the TV screen.
Connect the video cable securely.
Turn on the TV.
Turn off the progressive scan (see page 18).
Select the correct input mode on the
audio receiver so you can listen to the
sound from the recorder.
Connect the audio cable securely.
Turn on the equipment connected
with the audio cable.
Replace it with new one.
Clean the disc.
Insert a disc. (Check that the disc
indicator in the display window is lit.)
Insert a playable disc. (Check the disc
type, color system, and regional code.)
Place the disc with the playback side
Place the disc on the disc tray
correctly inside the guide.
Clean the disc.
Cancel the Rating function or change
the rating level.
You cannot connect via this recorder.
Connect the component directly to
your TV.
Restore channels. See "Program Edit"
on page 16.
Tighten connections or replace cable.
Turn camcorder on and operate
Use AV to select input channel (AV1,
AV2, DV, etc.)



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