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DV Recording Audio

You need to set this if you have a camcorder using
32kHz/12-bit sound connected to the front panel DV
IN jack.
Some digital camcorders have two stereo tracks for
audio. One is recorded at the time of shooting; the
other is for overdubbing after shooting.
On the Audio 1 setting, the sound that was recorded
while shooting is used.
On the Audio 2 setting, the overdubbed sound is

TV Recording Audio

When TV recording with bilingual, you can choose
audio channel to record.
[Main+Sub] Main language and Sub language
[Main] Main language only
[Sub] Sub language only

Auto Chapter

When recording in Video mode, chapter markers are
put in specified setting. You can change this interval to
5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes. If you select
[None], switch off automatic chapter marking
altogether with the [None] setting.

Disc Settings

Disc Format

If you load a completely blank disc, the recorder will
initialize the disc.
DVD-R: The recorder initialize the disc to Video mode.
The recording mode will always be Video mode.
DVD-RW: The recorder initialize the disc to VR
DVD+R (DL): The Initialize menu will appears.
Select "Yes" then press ENTER.
DVD+RW: The recorder initialize the disc to
DVD+RW mode.
Also, you can reformat the DVD-RW/DVD+RW from
the Setup menu as below.
1. Select [Disc Format] option then press B.
2. Press ENTER while [Start] is selected.
Format Disc menu appears.
3. Use b / B to select a desired mode (VR Mode or
Video Mode) then press ENTER.
Confirm message will appear.
For DVD+RWs, go to step 4.
4. Use b / B to select [Ok] then press ENTER.
It takes a few moments to initialize the disc.
If you want to change the disc format, everything
recorded on the disc will be erased.


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