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Title List and Chapter List Menu
Using the Title List menu you can edit video content.
The editing features available in the Title List menu
depend on whether you are editing video on DVD, or
the HDD, and whether you're editing Original content,
or a Playlist.
There are two ways to edit VR mode DVD-RW discs.
You can directly edit the Original content of the disc,
or you can create and edit a Playlist. The Playlist
doesn't actually change any of the content on the
disc, but just controls how the content is played back.
Editing material recorded on the HDD is similar to
editing the Original content of a VR mode DVD-RW,
with similar commands for erasing and naming titles,
as well as fine control over the content of chapters
within titles for DVD disc.
During recording, if you display the Title List menu for
the HDD, some of the titles may appear with a mark.
These titles were recorded with a Line Input setting
different to the current setting of the recorder.
During recording, these titles cannot be played.
1. Press MENU/LIST to display the Title List menu.
Playback should be stopped when you do this.
You can also access it using HOME menu,
select [TITLE LIST] option then press ENTER.
When selecting titles, use the v / V buttons to
display the previous/next page if there are more
than six titles.
If you are editing a VR mode disc, press
MENU/LIST to switch between Original and
Playlist menu.
On the left side of the screen are the menu options.
The main part of the screen shows thumbnails of the
titles (or chapter) on the DVD or HDD. You can
change these thumbnails using the THUMBNAIL
button—see Changing Title Thumbnails on page 45.
Press DISPLAY to display the information of selected
title on the Title List menu.
After selecting a title or chapter on the Title List or
Chapter List menu, then press ENTER. The menu
options appears on the left side of the menu.
Use v / V to select a option then press ENTER to
confirm your selection.
2. To exit the Title List menu, press RETURN (O)
1 2 3
4 5
1. Menu options: To display menu option, select a
title or chapter then press ENTER. The options
displayed differ depending on the disc type.
[Chapter] Displays Chapter List of the title.
[Combine] Combines two titles or chapters into
one (page 49).
[Delete] Deletes the title or chapter. (page 47)
[Delete Part] Deletes a part of the Title (page
[Divide] Divides a title into two (page 49).
[Dubbing] Copies the title to another media.
(page 52)
[Full Play] Starts playback of the selected title
including the hidden chapters.
[Hide (Show)] Hides (or Shows) the selected title
or chapter. (page 50)
[Move] Moves a chapter on the Chapter List-
Playlist menu to a position on the menu.
(page 50)
[Play] Start playback of the selected title or
chapter. The hidden titles and chapters on the
DVD+R/RW cannot be play back.
[Playlist Add] Adds the title or chapter to the
Playlist. (page 46)
[Protect] Protects accidental recording, editing or
deleting of the title. (page 50)
[Rename (Title Name)] Edits the title name.
(page 48)
[Sort] Lists the programs on the Title List menu
by Date, Title, or Category. (page 48)
[Title] Displays Title List of the chapter.
[Undo]/[Redo] Un-do/Re-do the last deletion/
action. (page 48)
2. Indicates the record mode, free space, and
elapsed time progress bar.
3. Current media
4. Currently selected title.
5. Thumbnail
6. Shows the selected title number and total number
of titles.
7. Shows the title name, recorded date, and
recording length.
6 7


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