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Timer Recording; Simultaneous Recording And Playback - NEC NDH-160 Owner's Manual

Hdd/dvd recorder
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Timer Recording

This recorder can be programmed to record up to 16
programs within a period of 1 month. For unattended
recording, the timer needs to know the channels to be
recorded, the starting and ending time.
If you use a completely blank disc for timer recording,
you must format the disc before starting timer
recording. (Refer to "Disc Format" on page 22.)
1. Press TIMER REC.
The Timer Record menu will appear.
[Media] Choose a media to record (HDD or DVD).
[PR] Choose a memorized program number, or
one of the external inputs from which to record.
[Date] Choose a date up to 1 month in advance.
[Start Time] Set the start time.
[End Time] Set the end time.
[Repeat] Choose a desired repeat (Once,
Daily (Monday - Friday), or Weekly).
2. Enter the necessary information for your timer
b / B (left/right) – move the cursor left/right
v / V (up/down) – change the setting at the
current cursor position
Press RETURN (O) to exit the Timer Record
Press ENTER after filling in all the program
Press TIMER REC to display Timer Record List.
3. Set a recording mode as necessary by pressing
REC MODE repeatedly. (HQ, SQ, LQ, EQ)
4. Press ENTER, the program will be memorized by
the recorder.
To check the programming, the Timer Record List
will appear.
Check field's "Rec. OK" on the Timer Record List
indicates that the timer recording is programmed
5. Press RETURN (O) to exit the Program List.
6. Make sure that you load a recordable disc for DVD
recording and press OPERATE to switch your unit
to Standby.
The timer indicator lights in the display window
when the recorder is in standby with the timer
For TV recording with bilingual, set audio channel
from the [TV Rec Audio] in sub-menu of the Setup
menu (see page 22).
You must press OPERATE to stop the timer
If you set a timer recording to record to DVD but
there isn't a recordable DVD loaded at the time of
the recording, the Recovery Recording feature will
automatically record the program to the HDD for
Simultaneous recording and
Playback and recording for both DVD and built in hard
disk drive (HDD) are completely independent. For
example, you can record to either the DVD or HDD
source and play back video from the other source at the
same time.
1. Start recording.
2. Press HOME to display the Home Menu screen.
3. Use the v / V / b / B and ENTER buttons to
select a different media type that you want to play
4. Start Playback.
The recording will continue while playing back the
media from the other mode.
You can't use simultaneous playback and
recording while copying.
You cannot edit programs during simultaneous
recording and playback.



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