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Clock Set

1. Select [Clock set] option then press B.
2. Enter the necessary information for date and time.
b / B (left/right): Moves the cursor to the previous
or next column.
v / V (up/down): Changes the setting at the
current cursor position.
3. Press ENTER to confirm your setting, then press
SETUP to exit the Setup menu.

TV Aspect

Selects the aspect ratio of the connected TV (4:3
standard or wide).
[4:3] Select this when connecting to a 4:3 screen
TV. When you select [4:3], set [Display Mode]
[16:9] Select this when connecting to a wide-screen
TV or TV with a wide mode function.

Display Mode

Selects how to display a wide picture on the screen
when [4:3] is selected in [TV Aspect].
[Letter Box] Displays a wide picture with bands on
the upper and lower portions of the screen.
[Pan Scan] Automatically displays a wide picture on
the entire screen and cuts off the portions that do
not fit.
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