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Quick Start - NEC FE770/FE771 User Manual

Nec user's manual multisync monitor fe770/fe771
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Quick Start

To attach the FE monitor to your system, follow these instructions:
1. Turn off the power to your computer.
2. If necessary, install the display card into your system. For more information, refer to the display card
3. For the PC: Connect the 15-pin mini D-SUB of the captive signal cable to the connector of the display card
in your system (Figure A.1). Tighten all screws.
For the Mac: Connect the MultiSync FE Macintosh cable adapter (not included) to the monitor connector
on the Macintosh (Figure B.1). Attach the 15-pin mini D-SUB end of the captive signal cable to the
MultiSync FE Macintosh cable adapter on the computer (Figure B.1). Tighten all screws.
4. Connect one end of the power cord to the MultiSync FE monitor and the other end to the power
outlet (Figure C.1).
5. Turn on the monitor (Figure D.1) and the computer.
NOTE: If you have any problems, please refer to the Troubleshooting section of this User's Manual.
Captive Signal Cable
Figure A.1
Figure B.1
Mac Adapter
(Not Included)
Captive Signal Cable
MultiSync FE770/FE771

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