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Making Calls; Making An External Call; Ending A Call; Accepting A Call - Siemens Gigaset C59H User Manual

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Making calls

Making calls
If the backlight is deactivated (
is switched on by pressing any key . In this
case the pressed key has no other function.

Making an external call

External calls are calls using the public tele-
phone network.
~ c Enter the number and press the
talk key.
c ~ Press and hold the talk key c
and then enter the number.
You can cancel the dialing operation with
the end call key a.
While the call is in progress, the duration of
the call displays.
Please note
Dialing with the directory (
call list (
page 32) and redial list
page 31) saves you from repeatedly
keying in phone numbers.

Ending a call

Press the end call key.
page 39) it
page 28),

Accepting a call

The handset indicates an incoming call in
three ways: by ringing, by a display on the
screen and by the flashing talk key c.
You can accept the call by:
Pressing the talk key c.
Pressing the speaker key d.
Pressing the display key
ent on base).
If the handset is in the charging cradle and
the Auto Answer function is activated
page 39), the handset automatically
answers the call when you remove it from
the charging cradle.
To deactivate the ringtone, press the
display key. You can accept the call as long as
it displays on the screen.

Using speaker mode

In speaker mode, instead of holding the
handset to your ear, you can put it down, for
example on the table in front of you. This
allows others to participate in the call.
Activating/deactivating speaker
Activating while dialing
~ d
Enter the number and press the
speaker key.
Inform your caller before you use the
speaker function so that the caller knows
someone else may be listening.
Switching between earpiece and
speaker mode
Press the speaker key.
Activate/deactivate speaker mode during a
If you wish to place the handset in the charg-
ing cradle during a call:
Press and hold the speaker key d while
placing the handset in the base.
For instructions on adjusting the loud-
speaker volume (
page 39).


Table of Contents

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