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Registering The Handset; Charging The Battery Pack; Activating/Deactivating The Handset; Making Calls - Siemens Gigaset AL14H Manual

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Registering the handset

You must initiate handset registration on the hand-
set and on the base station.
Once it has been registered, the handset returns to
idle status. If several handsets are registered to the
base station, the internal number is shown in the
top left of the display after registration, e.g. 2.
If the internal numbers 1 to 4 have already been
assigned (four handsets have already been registe-
red), handset number four is deregistered and
On the base station
To find out how to register the handset on the base
station, see the user guide for the base station.
On the handset
Enter the base station system
Register HS
PIN (default setting: 0000)
flashes in the display.
Registration takes approx. 1 minute.
Please note:
You can also automatically register the Gigaset
AL14H handset to the Gigaset AL140/AL145 base
station. Precondition: The handset is not registe-
red to a base station. Place the handset in the
charging cradle of the base station with its dis-
play facing forward. You will hear a confirmation
tone. Leave the handset in the base station until it
is registered.

Charging the battery pack

Plug the mains unit for the charging cradle into the
socket and place the handset in the charging cradle
with the display facing forward.
To charge the battery pack, leave the handset in
the base station for approx. 7 hours. The battery
pack is now fully charged. The charge status of the
battery pack is only correctly displayed after unin-
terrupted charging/discharging. Therefore you
should not interrupt the charging process.
Charging is electronically controlled to prevent
overcharging. The battery pack heats up during
charging. This is normal and not dangerous. After
a while its charge capacity will decrease for techni-
cal reasons.
You must set the date and time to ensure that the
times of calls are logged correctly (see Menu tree
page 8).
Once the phone is registered and the time set, the
idle display looks as shown on page 1.
If you have any questions about using your phone,
please read the tips on troubleshooting ("Ques-
tions and answers", page 6) or contact our cus-
tomer service department (page 7).

Activating/deactivating the handset

Press and hold the end call key
If you place a deactivated handset into the charg-
ing cradle, it will automatically activate itself.

Making calls

Making external calls and ending calls

External calls are calls using the public telephone
(Enter the phone number)
The number is dialled. (Or you can first press and
[dial tone] and then enter the number.)
During the call you can adjust the earpiece volume
End the call/cancel dialling:
Press the end call key
You can automatically insert a network provider
dialling code before any phone number (see
"Preselection" Menu tree, page 8).
Accepting a call
The handset indicates an incoming call by ringing
and by a display on the screen.
Press the talk key
When Auto Answer is activated (see Menu tree,
page 8), simply remove the handset from the base
station/charging cradle.
to accept the call.

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