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Siemens Gigaset AL180 User Giude

Siemens Gigaset AL180 User Giude

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Gigaset AL180/AL185/AL280/AL285
The handset at a glance
1 Charge status of the
2 Answer machine icon
(AL185/AL285 only)
3 Display keys
4 Message key
Flashes: new messages
5 AL180/AL185:
Directory key
Handsfree key
6 Control key (u)
7 Talk key
8 AL280/AL285:
Directory key (press
down on the control key)
9 End call key and
On/Off key
10 Ringer tone on/off (press
and hold in idle status)
11 Keypad lock on/off
(press and hold)
12 Recall key
- Consultation call
- Dialling pause
(press and hold)
13 Microphone
14 "Microphone off" key
The base station at a glance
AL185/AL285 base station
AL180/AL280 base station
1 Registration/paging key :
Search for handsets (press briefly, "Paging"
Register handsets (press and hold
2 On/Off key: activate and deactivate answer machine.
Lights up: answer machine is activated.
Flashes: there is at least one new message or message is in the
process of being recorded.
Flashes very quickly for about four seconds: memory is full.
3 Volume keys: (– = quieter; + = louder)
During message playback: adjust the speaking volume.
While phone is ringing: adjust ringer volume.
4 Play/Stop key:
Play back messages from the answer machine, or cancel playback.
During message playback:
5 delete current message.
6 Skip to the start of the current message (press once) or go to the
previous message (press twice).
7 Skip to next message.
Gigaset helpdesk: 0845 3670812 (for further details
Display key on handset:
Pressing a key launches the function that
appears above that key in the display.
Function when pressed
Call other registered hand-
p. 10.
Open main/submenu
(see Menu tree
Go back one menu level.
Scroll up/down or adjust
volume with u.
Move cursor to left/right
with u.
Backspace deletes one
character at a time.
Confirm menu function or
save entry.
p. 10)
p. 10).
p. 15).
p. 13)


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  • Page 1 Gigaset AL180/AL185/AL280/AL285 The handset at a glance 1 Charge status of the Display key on handset: batteries Pressing a key launches the function that 2 Answer machine icon appears above that key in the display. (AL185/AL285 only) Display Function when pressed...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    ECO DECT Do not use your phone in environments with a You are helping to protect the environment with potential explosion hazard, e.g. paint shops. your Gigaset AL180/AL185/AL280/AL285. Reduced energy consumption If you give your Gigaset to someone else, make ƒ...
  • Page 3: First Steps

    First steps Check the pack contents ◆ One Gigaset AL180/AL185/AL280/AL285 base station, ◆ one mains adapter, ◆ one Gigaset AL18H/AL28H handset, ◆ one phone cord, ◆ two batteries, ◆ one battery cover, ◆ one user guide. If you have purchased a model with multiple handsets, the package should contain two batteries, a battery cover and a charging cradle with mains adapter for each additional handset.
  • Page 4 For example, the batteries could explode. The phone could also malfunction or be dam- aged as a result of using batteries that are not of the recommended type. * Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark licensee of Siemens AG.
  • Page 5 ¤ Insert the batteries the right way round. The polarity is indicated in/on the battery compartment. ¤ First insert the battery cover at the top a. ¤ Then press the cover until it clicks into place. If you need to open the battery cover, for instance to replace the batteries, place your fingertip in the cavity on the casing and pull the battery cover...
  • Page 6 Please note ◆ Each key press interrupts the automatic registration. ◆ If automatic registration does not work, the handset will have to be registered ¢ manually ( p. 10). ◆ Only place the handset in the base station or charging cradle that is intended for Initial charging and discharging of the batteries The correct charge level can only be displayed if the batteries are first fully charged and discharged.
  • Page 7: Making Calls

    Making calls Handsfree (AL280/AL285 only) Making external calls and ending calls Activating while dialling: Enter the number and press the handsfree External calls are calls using the public telephone network. ¢ Switching between earpiece and handsfree (Enter the phone number) mode: The phone number is dialled.
  • Page 8: Last Number Redial List

    Calls list/answer machine (network The following functions can be selected with mailbox) list Save new phone number. New Entry Display the phone number. Show Number An advisory tone sounds and the message key flashes as soon as a new entry appears in the calls Edit or add to the number.
  • Page 9: Setting Up The Answer Machine

    Answer machine list (AL185/AL285 only) Please note: Recording ends automatically when the max. You can use the answer machine list to listen to the recording time of 170 seconds is reached or if messages that are on the answer machine. there is a break in speaking of more than The answer machine list is displayed as follows: 2 seconds.
  • Page 10: Locating A Handset ("Paging")

    Remote operation when on the move For automatic registration of handsets to ¢ Gigaset AL180/AL185/AL280/AL285, see p. 5. You can check and activate your answer machine Manual registration of handsets to Gigaset AL180/ from any other telephone (hotel, pay phone etc.). AL185/AL280/AL285 ¢ ¢ Preconditions: 1.
  • Page 11: Setting The Alarm Clock

    Listening in to an external call Resetting the handset You are conducting an external call. An internal You can reset individual settings and changes that participant can listen in on this call and take part in you have made. Entries in the directory, the calls the conversation (conference).
  • Page 12: Entering Letters/Characters

    Setting recall ◆ Peacebay 550/650 mAh ¢ ¢ 4 I O 1 2 (Valid at the time of going to press) The number for the current MENU The handset is supplied with recommended batter- recall flashes : 0 = 80 ms; 1 = 100 ms; 2 = 120 ms; ies.
  • Page 13 Service (Customer Care) Authorisation We offer you support that is fast and tailored This device is intended for analogue phone to your specific needs! lines in the UK. Our Online Support on the Internet can be Country-specific requirements have been reached any time from anywhere.
  • Page 14: Guarantee Certificate United Kingdom

    Guarantee Certificate Any other claims resulting out of or in con- ◆ nection with the device shall be excluded United Kingdom from this Guarantee. Nothing in this Guar- Without prejudice to any claim the user (cus- antee shall attempt to limit or exclude a tomer) may have in relation to the dealer or Customers Statutory Rights, nor the man- retailer, the customer shall be granted a man-...
  • Page 15: Menu Tree

    Menu tree Your phone has an extensive range of features. As an alternative to selecting functions using the These are offered in the form of menus. buttons, you can also enter the digit combination that is in front of the function in the To select a function while the phone is in idle sta- menu tree.
  • Page 16 © Gigaset Communications GmbH 2008 Gigaset Communications GmbH All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Schlavenhorst 66 Rights of modification reserved. D-46395 Bocholt Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark This user guide is made from 100% recycled paper. licensee of Siemens AG...

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