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Cut-Off Wheel Dismounting And Mounting - Hitachi CC 14SC Instruction Manual And Safety Instructions

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5. Moving the stationary vise-jaw (Fig. 12).
The vise jaws open
to 8" (203 mm)
Fig. 12
6. Using a Metallic Block (Fig. 13).
Dimension of
workpiece being cut
Dimension of
Vise (A)
metallic block
(Should be slightly smaller than
the workpiece being cut)
Fig. 13


Always turn off the trigger switch and disconnect the power plug from the receptacle
before removing or installing a wheel, to prevent accidental injury.
1. Dismounting the Cut-Off Wheel (Fig. 14, 15 and 16).
(1) Rotate the safety cover, to the up position, and support by hand, as shown in Fig. 14.
(2) Press in the stopper pin (see Fig. 15), and at the same time rotate cut-off wheel by hand until the
stopper pin engages.
(3) Using the wrench provided, loosen wheel bolt (see Fig. 16), by turning it counterclockwise and
remove wheel bolt, outside wheel washer and detach the cut-off wheel.
Fig. 14
The vise opening is set to the back in the vise slide ditch of the base
when shipped from the factory.
In case the change of a vise opening is required, move the vise-jaw
to forward or backward to desired location, after unscrewing the
two bolts.
When the material to be cut is excessively wide, the vise can be
effectively used by repositioning the stationary side of the vise jaws.
When the cut-off wheel has a reduced outer diameter, insert between
the vise (A) and (B) a metallic block slightly smaller than the
dimension of workpiece being cut to use the cut-off wheel
Vise (B)
Metallic block
Safety Cover
Safety Cover
Fig. 15
Stopper Pin
Cut-off Wheel
Wheel Bolt
Wheel Washer
Fig. 16