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Installation Instructions; Inspect Shipment; Plan Vent System - Whirlpool WFCH Installation Instructions Manual

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Explosion Hazard
Furnace must be installed and serviced by a
qualified person.
Examples of a qualified person include:
licensed heating personnel,
authorized gas company personnel.
Read and follow all instructions provided for
installation, adjustment, service, alteration, or
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death,
explosion, fire, or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Inspect Shipment

Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install furnace.
Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.
This furnace is shipped in one package, completely assembled
and wired. The thermostat is shipped in a separate carton when
Check the unit rating plate to confirm specifications are as
Upon receipt of equipment, carefully inspect it for possible
shipping damage. Take special care to examine the unit
inside the carton if the carton is damaged.
If damage is found, it should be noted on the carrier's freight
bill. Damage claims should be filed with the carrier
immediately. Claims of shortages should be filed with the
seller within 5 days.
NOTE: If any damages are discovered and reported to the
carrier do not install the unit, as your claim may be denied.

Plan Vent System

The high efficiency of this furnace is accomplished by the
removal of both sensible and latent heat from the flue gases. The
removal of latent heat results in the condensation of moisture in
the flue gases. This condensation occurs in the secondary heat
exchanger and in the vent system. Therefore, this furnace
requires special venting considerations and the instructions must
be followed to insure proper operation. All venting must be in
accordance with the codes having jurisdiction in the area and
these instructions.
The venting system must be supported with mounting straps
to prevent any weight load from being applied to the vent
blower. Horizontal vent pipe must be supported every 5 ft and
vertical pipe should be supported every 10 ft to prevent
sagging and provide rigid support.
This furnace must not be connected to any Type B, BW, or L
vent or vent connector and must not be connected to any
portion of a factory-built or masonry chimney.
This furnace is not to be common vented with any other
appliance. The vent pipe must not be connected to a
chimney flue serving a separate appliance designed to burn
solid fuel.
All vents passing through floors, ceilings, and walls must be
installed in accordance with National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI
Z223.1/NFPA 54 (latest edition). In all applications where the
flue pipe is run through an unconditioned space, ¹⁄₂ in.
insulation must be used over the pipe. In extremely cold
climates, ³⁄₄ in. insulation is recommended.
Flue Pipe Screen
A flue pipe screen designed to keep objects out of the flue pipe is
included in the plastic bag.
In all installations, this screen should be installed at the
termination of the flue pipe.
Flue Pipe Screen
The flue pipe screen
should be installed at the
termination of the flue pipe
in all installations.



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