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Duct Work Requirements - Whirlpool WFCH Installation Instructions Manual

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1. Burner access panel
2. Pressure tap
3. Pressure switch tubing
4. Blower control board
5. Control box
33. Feed all blower and interlock switch wires through the
bushing on the back side of the control box, then install the
control box.
34. Using 4 screws, install the combustion blower, making sure
the plastic combustion blower orifice seats tightly into the
flue opening.
35. Connect the circulating air blower wires to the blower control
board. Using the labels previously placed on the wires to
connect the wires to the correct terminal. A wiring diagram is
provided on the control box cover.
36. Draw wires into the blower compartment and secure with a
wire tie to avoid contact with the fan blade.
37. Route the blower wires through the wire channel guard and
install the guard making sure not to pinch any wiring between
the guard and the side panel. (Do not install the bottom
middle screw, reserve this for the P clamp.)
38. Invert the P clamp on the cable and route the combustion
blower wire conduit through the P clamp.
39. Install the blower door panel (the panel with the most labels)
on the new component side.
40. On the new component side install the limit control. Ensure
that the metal disk of the thermostat points toward the heat
exchanger end of the furnace.
After Conversion (new component side)
6. Control box bushing
11. Blower wire bushing
7. Primary limit switch
12. Blower door interlock switch
8. Rollout switch
13. Circulating air blower access door
9. Wire channel guard
14. Combustion blower tubing
10.Pressure switch
15. Combustion blower
41. Install the pressure switch (2 screws). The pressure taps (with
tubing still installed) points toward the burner box.
42. Attach the tubing to the pressure tap on the burner access
cover and the gas valve.
43. Install the tubing to the combustion blower.
44. Connect all wire harnesses to the following components: gas
valve plugs, primary limit control terminals, pressure switch
terminals, and rollout switch terminals.
45. Install the control box to the furnace (4 screws). Ensure all
wires are routed through openings and are not pinched or
abraded. Install the control box cover.
46. Check your work to ensure that all parts are installed and
connected. Clean up all debris.
47. Complete propane conversion if the orifice conversion was
performed in step 17.

Duct Work Requirements

Install the conditioned air plenum, ducts and air filters (not
provided) in accordance with NFPA 90B Standard for the
Installation of Warm Air Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems
(latest edition).
The furnace is provided with flanges for the connection of the
plenum and ducts.
Air Filters must be listed as Class 2 furnace air filters.
16. Manifold cover
17. Gas control valve
18. Igniter wire strain relief bushing
19. PVC collar
20. Sight glass


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