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Connect Venting; Install Condensate Disposal - Whirlpool WFCH Installation Instructions Manual

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Connect Venting

1. Run venting to the furnace, see "Plan Vent System."
2. Attach the air intake pipe to the furnace connector.
Use high temperature RTV silicone sealant to attach the air
intake pipe into the connector on the burner box so the air
intake pipe can be removed if service is required.
NOTE: Do not use cement.
3. Attach the flue pipe connector to the furnace.
4. Install the flue pipe screen at the outside end of the flue pipe.
5. Make sure all vent connections do not leak.
6. Check that the exhaust vent pipe terminates outside the
7. Prime the trap system by slowly pouring 1 cup of water down
the vent pipe. The vent pipe on horizontal runs must slope
upward, away from the furnace, at a minimum pitch of ¹⁄₄ in.
per foot of run, to prevent accumulation of condensate.
NOTE: On initial start-up of the unit, some of the water used
to prime the trap system may run down into the combustion
blower and cause noise.

Install Condensate Disposal

IMPORTANT: The condensate drain should be routed directly to
a locally acceptable disposal area. The condensate drain line
should not be run directly to the outdoors especially in colder
climates where temperatures may cause the condensate to
freeze in the drain line.
The furnace is factory set to drain out the front side.
To install the drain trap:
All PVC joints must be glued with PVC primer and PVC glue to
ensure a watertight seal, except where noted.
1. Install the ¹⁄₂ in. NPT x ¹⁄₂ in. PVC adapter (supplied) by
screwing it into the drain line using thread sealing tape to seal
the connection watertight.
Condensate Disposal
1. Flue drain boot
in. Polyethylene tubing
in. NPT barbed adapter
4. Trap
in. 90° PVC street elbow
in. NPT x
in. PVC adapter
7. Threaded drain tap
2. Glue the ¹⁄₂ in. 90° PVC street elbow (supplied) to the trap
(supplied). Be sure to glue it so that the trap outlet will be
oriented in the desired direction for drainage.
NOTE: When the furnace is installed in an attic, above a
finished ceiling, or any instance where condensate overflow
would result in property damage, a secondary drain pan must
be provided by the installer. The secondary drain pan must be
connected to a drainage system separate from the furnace's
primary condensate drain.
3. Glue the trap assembly to the ¹⁄₂ in. PVC adapter installed in
Step 1.
4. Screw the ¹⁄₂ in. NPT barbed adapter (supplied) into the trap
using Teflon
tape to seal the connection watertight.
NOTE: Do not use PVC solvent or glue at this joint; use only
5. Attach one end of the ³⁄₈ in. polyethylene tubing (supplied) to
the drain on the flue drain boot. Pulling the tube taught, cut
the tube so it is still long enough to connect to the barbed
adapter, but short enough not to allow sagging to occur.
Connect the remaining end of the tube to the barbed adapter.
6. From the elbow at the end of the trap, install the drain to the
disposal area.
®Teflon is a registered trademark of E.I. Dupont de Nemours and


Table of Contents

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