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Setting Up The Handset For Use; Setting Up The Telephone For Use; Eco Dect - Siemens Gigaset AL14H Manual

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Do not install the phone in a bathroom or
shower room. The handset and base station are
not splashproof.
Do not use your phone in environments with a
potential explosion hazard (e.g. paint shops).
If you give your Gigaset to someone else, make
sure you also give them the user guide.
Please remove faulty base stations from use or
have them repaired by our service, as they could
interfere with other wireless services.
All electrical and electronic equipment must be
disposed of separately from general household
waste using the sites designated by local
If a product displays this symbol of a crossed-out
rubbish bin, the product is subject to European
Directive 2002/96/EC.
The appropriate disposal and separate collec-
tion of used equipment serve to prevent poten-
tial harm to the environment and to health.
They are a precondition for the re-use and recy-
cling of used electrical and electronic equip-
For further information on disposing of your
used equipment, please contact your local
authority, your refuse collection service or the
dealer you purchased the product from.
Emergency numbers cannot be dialled if the keypad lock
(page 1) is activated!
Not all of the functions described in this user guide are
available in all countries.


ECO DECT reduces power consumption by using an
energy efficient power supply.
Your handset also reduces the transmission power
depending on the distance to the base station.

Setting up the telephone for use

Setting up the handset for use

Please note:
The display is protected by a plastic film.
Please remove the protective film!
Fitting the battery pack
Place the battery leads in the lead guides so
that the battery cover cannot catch on the leads
and damage them when it is closed.
Use only the rechargeable battery pack rec-
ommended by Gigaset Communications GmbH
(page 5), i.e. never use a conventional (non-
rechargeable) battery pack as this could result in
significant health risks and personal injury.
For example, the battery pack could explode.
The phone could also malfunction or be damaged
as a result of using batteries that are not of the
recommended type.
Never use non-Gigaset battery chargers as
this could damage the battery pack.
Only place the handset in the charging cradle
that is intended for it.
* Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark
licensee of Siemens AG.
Insert the plug into the socket as shown in the
enlarged view.
Insert the battery pack.
Place the leads in the lead guides.
Closing the battery cover
Place the cover on the battery compartment as
shown in the diagram, then push it up until it clicks
into position.
Opening the battery cover
Press down on the battery cover below its upper
end and slide the cover down.

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