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Locating A Handset ("Paging"); De-Registering Handsets; Using Several Handsets; Making Internal Calls - Siemens Gigaset AL180 User Giude

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Table of Contents
Assigning key 1 for fast access to the
answer machine (network mailbox)
Simply press and hold key
will be connected directly to the answer machine
(network mailbox).
See Menu tree ¢ page 22.
Remote operation when on the move
You can check and activate your answer machine
from any other telephone (hotel, pay phone etc.).
u You have set a system PIN other than 0000
¢ page 23.
u The phone you are using for remote operation has
touch tone dialling (DTMF), i.e. you hear different
tones when you press the keys.
Calling the answer machine and playing back
(Dial your own number) ¤ while listening to your
announcement: press the
The following keys are used for operation:
Go to the start of the current message.
Press twice to go back to the previous mes-
Stop playback. Press again to resume.
Skip to next message.
Delete current message.
Activating the answer machine
(Enter your own number and allow the phone to ring
until you hear the message: "Please enter PIN") ¤
enter system PIN
Your answer machine is activated. It tells you how
much memory time is left. The messages are now
played back. The answer machine cannot be deacti-
vated remotely.
Locating a handset
You can locate your handset using the base station.
u Briefly press the registration/paging key on the
base station (¢ page 1).
u All handsets will ring simultaneously ("paging"),
even if the ringer tones are deactivated.
End paging: briefly press the register/paging key on
the base station (¢ page 1) or the talk key
on the handset and you
key and enter the system
on a
Registering handsets
You can register up to four handsets on your base sta-
tion (Gigaset AL18H/AL28H) recommended).
Please note:
Each additional handset must be registered on the
base station in order for it to work properly!
For automatic registration of handsets to
Gigaset AL180/AL185/AL280/AL285, see ¢ page 6.
Manual registration of handsets to
Gigaset AL180/AL185/AL280/AL285
1. On the handset:
¤ OK ¤ Register HS ¤ Enter the system PIN of the base
station (default is 0000) ¤ OK
Registering flashes in the display
2. On the base station: within 60 sec. of entering the
system PIN, press and hold the registration/paging
key (¢ page 1) (min. 3 sec.).
Registration takes approx. 1 minute.

De-registering handsets

Handsets can only be de-registered by resetting the
base station to its default settings. This will also reset
every other setting ¢ page 12.
If you have only registered handsets for other GAP-
compatible devices, these can only be de-registered
with a hardware reset ¢ page 12.

Using several handsets

Making internal calls

Internal calls are free calls to other handsets that are
registered to the same base station.
To make a call to other handsets, press
(1...4, enter internal number of the hand-
set) ¤
, the handset is called or
¤ star key
When a participant answers you can speak to them.
To end the call, press
MENU ¤ Settings ¤ OK ¤ Handset
, all handsets are called.

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Table of Contents

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