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For The Installer; For The User; Table 7 - Bosch TRONIC 3000C Pro US3 Installation Manual And Operating Instructions

Electric water heaters
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14 | Troubleshooting

For the Installer

Cold water only -neon
Electricity not on.
light off.
The water supply is connected to
the OUTLET of the unit.
The high temperature thermal cut
out has tripped.
The flow switch is not working.
Water too cold -neon
Water flow too high.
light on.
The power selector screw not all
the way to "HI".
One element is not working.
The power supply voltage has
Water flow too low, or
There are restrictions in the
temperature too high.

Table 7


For the User

Little or no water
The water supply is turned off.
Cold water only -
The flow is not high enough to
neon light off.
Water too cold -
The water flow rate is too high.
neon light on.
The inlet water temperature has
Water flow rate
The main supply of water flow is too
too low, or
temperature too
The hot tap is not fully open.
Table 8
6 720 647 005 (2014/04)
What to do
Check electrical supply.
Reconnect the water supply to the INLET (marked in blue).
Reset it by opening the unit and pushing the button on the cut out
(Fig. 3 ). Before you do this you must find the cause of the
Turn off the power and observe if the flow switch activates when the
water is turned on.
If not contact Bosch Thermotechnology 603-552-1100
Adjust water flow (see Table 4 ).
Change the power select screw to "HI", see Fig. 5 .
Switch off the electricity and check the resistance of the elements
(see Table 4 ).
Check the supply voltage to the heater (see Table 4 ).
Check the plumbing. Only use Teflon tape for sealing pipe joints.
What to do
Turn on the main supply fully at the stop valve.
Open the inlet service valve fully.
Adjust the flow rate with hot water outlet service valve.
Adjust the flow rate with hot water outlet service valve.
Increase the water flow.
Adjust the stop/ball valve so that water is at the right temperature
with the tap fully open (see section 5.2). Always turn the hot tap
full on.
TRONIC 3000C Pro


Table of Contents

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