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Backup Battery; General Maintenance; Decimal Point Selector Switch - Canon MP37-MG User Manual

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Memory backup battery retains the currency rate, tax rate, calendar and clock
setting, even if the power is off or the AC cord is disconnected.
Battery : 1 Lithium battery (Type : CR2032)
Battery life : Backup time 2000 hours
CAUTION: Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type.
Dispose of used batteries according to the instruction.
Dispose of batteries according to local regulations. Do not dispose
as household waste.
After replace the back-up battery, press the [RESET] button, after resetting be sure
to set the currency rate, tax rate, clock and calendar again.


1) Do not use or leave the calculator under direct sunlight. Press subject to rapid
temperature changes, high humidity, dust and dirt should also be avoided.
2) Use a dry cloth to clean the casing of the unit. Do not use water or detergents.
3) Activate the printer when the paper roll is loaded.
4) Avoid using the calculator in places where there are iron filings, as this may
affect the electrical circuits of the calculator.
5) Do not place anything on top of the machine, particularly on top of the printer
6) Turn the calculator off before removing the plug from the electrical outlet.
7) Pull the main plug out of the wall socket if you want to switch off the main power
or in case of electrical fault (i.e. smoke), disconnect the plug from the electrical
socket outlet immediately.
8) The AC outlet must be located near the equipment and easily accessible.
9) Under the environment with electrostatic discharge, the sample may
malfunction and require user to reset the sample.


– Used for designating the decimal point position (+ 0 2 3 4 6 F)
+ (Add-Mode) – Addition and subtraction functions are performed
with an automatic 2-digit decimal. It is convenient for currency
F (Floating Decimal Point) – All effective numbers up to 12 digits
are printed or displayed.
for calculated results.
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