AT&T CL2909 User Manual

Speakerphone with caller id/call waiting.
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User's manual
CL2909 Speakerphone
with caller ID/call

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  • Page 1

    User’s manual CL2909 Speakerphone with caller ID/call waiting LOWER...

  • Page 2: Important Safety Information

    AT&T product. website at or call 1 (800) 222-3111. In Canada, dial 1 (866) 288-4268. Model #: CL2909 Type: Speakerphone with caller ID/call waiting Serial #: Purchase date: Place of purchase: Both the model and serial number of your AT&T product can be found on the bottom of the telephone base.

  • Page 3

    Make sure to install four AA alkaline batteries (not included). If you subscribe to high-speed Internet service (digital subscriber line - DSL) through your telephone line, you must install a DSL filter between the telephone line cord and the telephone wall jack (see page 5). The filter prevents noise and caller ID problems caused by DSL interference.

  • Page 4: Parts Checklist

    Parts checklist Check to make sure your telephone package includes the following items. Telephone base with mounting bracket and directory card attached Short telephone line cord User’s manual LOWER Handset LOWER Coiled handset cord Long telephone line cord LOWER Quick start guide...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    User’s manual CL2909 speakerphone with caller ID/call waiting Table of contents Getting started Product overview ... 1 Quick reference guide ... 2 Base lights ... 3 Screen icons ... 3 Display screen messages ... 3 Battery installation ... 4 Installation options ... 5 Tabletop installation ...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Review directory entries ... 24 Dial a directory number ... 24 Delete a directory entry ... 24 Caller ID operation Caller ID operation ... 25 Caller ID information ... 25 Information about call history ... 26 Caller ID ... 27 Review call history ...

  • Page 7: Product Overview

    AC power for operation. The CL2909 features a speakerphone for hands-free use and a data port that allows the use of another device such as a modem, fax machine, or answering system with the same wall jack.

  • Page 8: Quick Reference Guide

    Getting started Quick reference guide REMOVE Press to delete the displayed entry (page 21, 24, 28). When the telephone is idle, press and hold to remove all call history entries (page 28). OPTIONS Press to display the menu (page 10). When in the menu, press to save your setting and advance to the next feature setting...

  • Page 9: Base Lights, Screen Icons, Display Screen Messages

    Getting started Quick reference guide Base lights SPEAKER On when speakerphone is in use. MUTE On when speakerphone or handset microphone is muted. Screen icons 12:00 1-01 LOWER LOWER 0 CALLS 0 NEW Display screen messages Displays Means STORED The telephone number displayed is stored. DELETED All the entries stored in call history have been deleted.

  • Page 10: Battery Installation

    Getting started Battery installation Before using the telephone, you should install four good AA alkaline batteries (not included) to provide memory backup and enable the use of some features. The four AA batteries are required for the following features to work: speakerphone, hold, mute, flash, caller ID features, screen display, feature options menu, directory, clock, and the CALL INFO light.

  • Page 11: Installation Options, Tabletop Installation

    Getting started Installation options The telephone base comes with the mounting bracket already installed for tabletop use. If you want to mount your telephone on a wall, use the provided wall bracket to connect with a standard dual-stud telephone wall mounting plate.

  • Page 12

    Getting started Connect the handset to the telephone. Plug the coiled handset cord into the handset jack on the left side of the telephone base. Plug the other end of the coiled cord into the handset, then hang up. Check for dial tone. Lift the handset and listen for a dial tone.

  • Page 13: Wall Installation

    Getting started Installation options Wall installation Reposition the mounting bracket for wall use. Press on the mounting bracket as shown in figure a to release the bracket. Rotate the bracket as shown in figure b so that the larger end is toward the bottom of the telephone.

  • Page 14

    Getting started Reverse the handset tab. This tab holds the handset when you hang up. Hold down the switchhook, and slide the handset tab up and out of its slot. Turn the tab so that the end with the hook is up. Then insert the handset tab back into its slot. Switchhook Handset tab Connect the short telephone line cord to a wall jack and mount the...

  • Page 15: Data Port

    Getting started Data port If you want to connect another device (such as a modem or fax machine) to the wall jack, use the jack on the telephone labeled DATA. A call picked up at another extension connected with the same line may interrupt a fax, modem or message transmission.

  • Page 16: Telephone Settings, Language Selection, Set Contrast

    Telephone settings LOWER LOWER LOWER Telephone settings The screen will display prompts to help you set up the telephone when you first install it. You can always get back to these setup screens by pressing OPTIONS. NOTE: You can exit feature setup at any time by pressing CLEAR or by lifting the handset when there is no incoming call.

  • Page 17: Set Home Area Code

    Telephone settings LOWER Telephone settings Set home area code You must program your area code, so your telephone can properly recognize and dial calls. For calls within your area code You dial 7 digits (telephone number, no area code) 10 digits (area code + telephone number) -OR- 11 digits...

  • Page 18: Set Local Area Code

    Telephone settings LOWER Telephone settings Set local area code You can program up to four local area codes. For calls outside your area For: All calls outside 11 digits (1 + area code your area code + telephone number Some calls 10 digits outside your (area code + telephone...

  • Page 19: Set Time And Date, Set Remaining Features

    Telephone settings LOWER LOWER Telephone settings Set time and date Press OPTIONS repeatedly until the screen displays: 12:00 SET CLOCK Use the dial pad keys (0-9) to change the blinking digits. • Press CALL LIST digit or CALL LIST • Press # to select between AM and PM.

  • Page 20

    Telephone settings Telephone settings Feature summary (Default settings indicated by *) Feature/options SET CLOCK Set the date and time. Use # to select between AM and PM. Use CALL LIST 12:00 1-01* pad keys to change the digits. WHICH LANGUAGE? Choose whether the display appears is English, Spanish, or French.

  • Page 21: Telephone Operation, Answer A Call, Speakerphone, Volume, Redial

    Telephone operation Telephone operation LOWER LOWER Telephone operation Make a call Lift the handset, then enter the telephone number. -OR- Press SPEAKER on the telephone base, then enter the telephone number. To end the call, hang up. -OR- SPEAKER. Press Answer a call Lift the handset.

  • Page 22: Chain Dialing

    Telephone operation LOWER LOWER LOWER Telephone operation Chain dialing Chain dialing is useful if you need to access numbers other than telephone numbers (such as bank account numbers or access codes) from the directory, one-touch locations or call history. Lift the handset or press Wait for a dial tone.

  • Page 23: Flash/call Waiting, Hold, Mute

    Telephone operation LOWER LOWER LOWER Telephone operation Flash/call waiting If you subscribe to call waiting service with your telephone service provider, you can answer a new incoming call without losing your current call. While on a call, press FLASH to connect to the new call when you receive a call waiting signal.

  • Page 24: Ringer Volume, Call Info

    Telephone operation Telephone operation Ringer volume Use the ringer switch on the right side of the base to adjust the ringer volume to OFF, LO or HI. If the ringer switch is set to OFF, this telephone will not ring when there is an incoming call. However, the CALL INFO indicator will still flash to indicate an incoming call.

  • Page 25: One-touch Operation, One-touch Overview

    One-touch operation One-touch operation One-touch operation One-touch overview This telephone has 14 one-touch locations where you can store telephone numbers you want to dial using only one or two keys. You can store up to 24 digits in each location. The first seven locations can be accessed using the one-touch buttons.

  • Page 26: Location, One-touch Entry, A One-touch Location

    One-touch operation LOWER LOWER LOWER One-touch operation Store a number in a one-touch location Press PROG, the screen displays ENTER NUMBER. Enter the telephone number you want to store (up to 24 digits). Use CALL LIST and make corrections. -OR- Press REDIAL to store the last number dialed.

  • Page 27: Review A One-touch Entry, Dial A One-touch Number, Delete A One-touch Entry

    One-touch operation LOWER NOTE: If you press PROG without first pressing a one-touch button, you access program mode. LOWER LOWER One-touch operation Review a one-touch entry Press the one-touch button for the entry you want to review. -OR- Press LOWER, then press the one-touch button for the entry you want to review.

  • Page 28: Directory Operation, Directory Memory Capacity

    Directory Directory LOWER Directory operation Directory memory capacity This telephone has a directory where you can store up to 25 additional telephone numbers and names. Numbers can be up to 24 digits long and names can be up to 15 characters. Directory entries are stored in alphabetical order.

  • Page 29: In The Directory, Directory Number

    Directory LOWER LOWER Directory operation Store numbers and names in the directory Press DIRECTORY. Then press CALL LIST CALL LIST to scroll to STORE. Press OPTIONS, the screen displays ENTER NUMBER. Enter the telephone number (up to 24 digits) you want to store. -OR- Press REDIAL to store the last number dialed.

  • Page 30: Review Directory Entries, In The Directory, Dial A Directory Number, Delete A Directory Entry

    Directory LOWER NOTE: When the telephone is idle, pressing 2-9 on the dial pad will also access the directory as described in step 2. LOWER LOWER Directory operation Store a call history number in the directory Press CALL LIST through the call history. Press DIRECTORY to store displayed call information in the telephone directory.

  • Page 31: Caller Id Operation, Caller Id Information

    Caller ID operation 12:00 1-01 1888-7227702 LOWER CHARLIE JOHNSON Caller ID operation Caller ID information This product has a caller ID with call waiting feature that works with services from your telephone service provider. Caller ID with call waiting lets you see who is calling before you answer the telephone, even when you are on another call.

  • Page 32: Information About Call History

    Caller ID operation Caller ID operation 12:00 1-01 1888-7227702 LOWER CHARLIE JOHNSON Caller ID operation Information about call history If you subscribe to caller ID service with your telephone service provider, this telephone stores all incoming calls with valid caller ID information in the call history.

  • Page 33: Caller Id, Review Call History

    Caller ID operation LOWER END OF LIST LOWER Caller ID operation Caller ID You can customize how the caller ID features of this product work. See Set remaining features on page 13 for instructions. For options, see REPEATED CALLS, and CALL LIST ORDER in the Feature summary on page 14.

  • Page 34: Remove Call Records, Display Dial

    Caller ID operation 12:30 1-01 0 CALLS 0 NEW LOWER Caller ID operation Remove call records Remove a specific call record Press CALL LIST the call record you want to remove. Press REMOVE. The call record is removed. Remove all call records When the telephone is idle, press and hold REMOVE until the screen displays (for approximately 3 seconds):...

  • Page 35: Dialing Options, Display Screen Messages

    Caller ID operation Caller ID operation Dialing options If the number displayed in the call history needs to have a 1 or the area code added or removed, you can do that. When the number you wish to call is displayed, press OPTIONS and then press CALL LIST or CALL LIST dialing format choices.

  • Page 36: Troubleshooting

    Appendix A Troubleshooting If you have difficulty with your telephone, please try the suggestions below. For Customer Service, visit our website at 1 (800) 222-3111 call • No dial tone. • • Telephone does not ring. • • Incorrect time and date on incoming calls.

  • Page 37

    The telephone cannot display or store the information while another telephone is using the same telephone line, whether this CL2909 telephone is being used or not. Editing directory entries is not available. You need to create a new entry.

  • Page 38: Maintenance

    Appendix B Maintenance Taking care of your telephone • Your telephone contains sophisticated electronic parts, so it must be treated with care. Avoid rough treatment. • Place the handset down gently. Save the original packing materials to protect your telephone if you ever need to ship it. Avoid water •...

  • Page 39: Important Safety Information, Safety Information

    Appendix C Important safety information This symbol is to alert you to important operating or servicing instructions that may appear in this user’s manual. Always follow basic safety precautions when using this product to reduce the risk of injury, fire, or electric shock.

  • Page 40: Telephones

    Appendix C Important safety information Especially about corded telephones • Electrical power: The telephone base must be connected to a working electrical outlet. The electrical outlet should not be controlled by a wall switch. Calls cannot be made from the handset if the telephone base is unplugged, switched off, or if the electrical power is interrupted.

  • Page 41: Fcc And Acta Information

    Appendix D FCC and ACTA information If this equipment was approved for connection to the telephone network prior to July 23, 2001, it complies with Part 68 of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules. If the equipment was approved after that date, it complies with the Part 68 rules and with the Technical Requirements for Connection of Equipment to the Telephone Network adopted by the Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments (ACTA).

  • Page 42

    Appendix D FCC and ACTA information Rights of the telephone service provider If this equipment is causing harm to the telephone network, the telephone service provider may temporarily discontinue your telephone service. The telephone service provider is required to notify you before interrupting service.

  • Page 43: Part 15 Of Fcc Rules

    Appendix E Part 15 of FCC rules Some telephone equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio-frequency energy and, if not installed and used properly, may cause interference to radio and television reception. This product has been tested and found to meet the standards for a Class B digital device, as specified in Part 15 of the FCC rules.

  • Page 44: Limited Warranty

    Appendix F Limited warranty The AT&T brand is used under license - any repair, replacement or warranty service, and all questions about this product should be directed to: In the United States of America, visit 222-3111 . In Canada, call What does this limited warranty cover? The manufacturer of this AT&T-branded product warrants to the holder of a valid proof of purchase (“CONSUMER”...

  • Page 45

    Appendix F Limited warranty • PRODUCT that has been damaged due to repair, alteration, or modification by anyone other than an authorized service representative of the manufacturer; or • PRODUCT to the extent that the problem experienced is caused by signal conditions, network reliability or cable or antenna systems;...

  • Page 46

    Appendix F Limited warranty Include “valid proof of purchase” (sales receipt) identifying the PRODUCT purchased (PRODUCT model) and the date of purchase or receipt; and Provide your name, complete and correct mailing address, and telephone number. Other limitations This warranty is the complete and exclusive agreement between you and the manufacturer of this AT&T branded PRODUCT.

  • Page 47: Technical Specifications

    Appendix G Technical specifications Batteries Operating temperature 1.1B four AA alkaline batteries 32°F — 122°F 0°C — 50°C...

  • Page 48: Index

    Index Answer a call, 15 Base lights, 3 Battery, 4 Battery compartment, 4 Blank screen, 30 Caller ID, 27, 31 Call history, 27 CALL INFO, 18, 30 Contrast, 10 Data port, 9 Dialing options, 29 Dial tone, 6, 30 Directory entries, 24 Directory memory, 22 Display dial, 21, 28, 31 DSL filter, 5, 31...

  • Page 49 © 2009 Advanced American Telephones. All Rights Reserved. AT&T and the AT&T logo are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property licensed to Advanced American Telephones, San Antonio, TX 78219. Printed in China. Issue 5 AT&T 10/09.

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