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Checking The Engine's Cooling Air Intake; Replacing The Hydraulic Pump's Drive Belt R 422 Ts Awd - Husqvarna R 422Ts AWD Operator's Manual

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Checking the engine's cooling air
Clean the air intake grille in the engine cover behind the
driver's seat.
Open the engine cover.
Check that the cooling intake is free from leaves, grass and
Check the air duct, located on the inside of the engine cover,
ensure it is clean and does not rub against the cooling air
A blocked cooling intake will interfere with the cooling of the
engine, which can damage the engine.
WARNING! The cooling air intake rotates
when the engine is running. Mind your
Replacing the hydraulic pump's
drive belt R 422 Ts AWD
1 Remove the transmission cover.
2 Unhook the spring on the belt tensioner
3 Remove the belt guide for the centre belt.
4 Pull off the centre belt from the engine's pulley and pull out
the rear section.
5 Remove the cooling fan, it is held in place by a nut.
6 Pull the belt off of the pump's pulley.
Pull the belt off of the engine's pulley and move it under
the engine belt pulleys.
8 Pull out the belt through the opening under the pivot
bearing and past the belt tensioner's disc.
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