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Honda 08E50-S5D-100 Installation Instructions page 5

For honda 2004 civic 2-door, honda 2004 civic 4-door
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17. Secure the LED harness to the vehicle harness
with four wire ties in the areas shown. Cut the
excess off of the wire ties.
18. Install the fuse (2A) provided into the No.15 slot
of the fuse box.
NOTE: The No. 15 slot may already have a fuse
installed in the slot; that fuse is not currently
being used. Remove the fuse, and install the 2A
fuse supplied. The 2A fuse supplies power to the
red indicator light and is also for back-up
19. Attach the fuse label “OPTION FUSE (2A)” over
the No.15 on the back of the dashboard lower
20. Check that all wire harnesses are routed properly
and all connectors are plugged in.
21. Reinstall all removed parts.
22. Reconnect the negative cable to the battery, and
reset the radio station presets.
23. Reset the clock
24. Check the operation of the security system as
described in the Owner’s Manual supplied.
25. Do the ECM/PCM idle learn procedure.
Make sure all electrical items are turned off.
Start the engine. Hold the engine speed at
3,000 rpm with no load (in Park or Neutral) until
the radiator fan comes on.
Let the engine idle for 5 minutes with the
throttle fully closed and with all electrical items
NOTE: If the radiator fan comes on during this
step, the time it is operating must not be
included in the 5 minutes.
NOTE: Whenever the battery is disconnected, the
driver’s window AUTO function is disabled.
26. Start the engine. Push down fully on the driver’s
window switch until the window is fully open.
27. Pull up fully on the driver's window switch to close
the window completely, then hold the switch for
2 seconds or more.
28. Test the window AUTO function.
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