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Hitachi LE55G508 Owner's Manual page 17

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Table of Contents
Convenience functions
Selected Items
Menu Language
English / Français / Español
Preferred Audio Language
English / Français / Español
Closed Captions
No / Yes
Setup Wizard
Demo Mode
On / Off
Health Remid
On / Off
CEC Enable
Device Auto Off
TV Auto On
Device Lists
Root Menu
SW Version
Auto Clock
On / Off
Daylight Savings
On / Off / Auto
Sleep Timer
Off / 10 / 20 / 30 / 60 / 90 /
120 / 180 / 240 min
Auto TV off
Off / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Hours
Time Zone
Time Format
12-hour / 24-hour
You can choose from three different languages (English, Français (French) and
Español (Spanish)) for the on-screen displays.
Select the language you prefer first, then proceed with the other menu options.
When two or more audio languages are included in a digital signal, you can select
one of the audio languages. (This function is available only for digital broadcasts.)
See page 21.
Restore Video, Audio (except "Audio Language"), Time (Sleep Timer, Time Format
and Auto Sleep only) and Setup (except "Menu Language") settings to the default
factory settings.
See page 13.
Turn the demo mode On or Off.
A TV feature introduction will be popped up at the top of the screen.
Switch the Health Remind On or Off.
While Health Remind is set to On, a prompt picture will remind you to have a break at
intervals of two hours.
Select "On" to enable CEC features.
When the user turns off the TV, all active CEC enabled devices on the HDMI input
will go to Standby.
Pushing the "Play" button on the CEC enabled device will command the device to
play, turn the TV on, and the HDMI input, that the device is connected to, will become
the active input device for the TV.
To enable the audio through an AV receiver using HDMI (ARC).
Display devices that are connected to TV.
To make a connection to a device shown on the device list.
To access the device menu.
The Auto Clock function will automatically set the built-in clock (Year, Month, Day and
Time) when the TV is connected to an antenna or cable TV system and it is turned off.
As the TV searches for a receivable station in your area and it receives a broadcast
signal for Auto Clock, the Auto Clock needs several minutes to set itself.
Use the ▲/▼/◀/▶ buttons to set the Year, Month, Day and Time
• Available only when you set "Auto Clock" to "Off".
If you want to activate Daylight Saving Time, select "On".
Sleep Timer switches the TV to standby after a defined period of time.
To cancel the Sleep Timer, set to "Off".
The TV will automatically switch to standby when there is no remote control or control
panel key operation for the set amount of time.
Select your local time zone for auto clock feature.
You can select Newfoundland, Atlantic, Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaska,
Hawaii and Samoa.
Select the time format.
Setup hint
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Table of Contents

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