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Hitachi LE42EC06AU User Manual

Led lcd tv
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User Manual
Thank you for purchasing this HITACHI product.
To obtain the best performance and safety, please read this manual carefully.
Please keep this manual for future reference.



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  Summary of Contents for Hitachi LE42EC06AU

  • Page 1 LED LCD TV User Manual LE42EC06AU LE47EC06AU LE55EC06AU Thank you for purchasing this HITACHI product. To obtain the best performance and safety, please read this manual carefully. Please keep this manual for future reference.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Thank you for purchasing this HITACHI LED LCD TV. The instructions in this manual are described mainly with the remote control. You can also use the buttons on the TV if they have the same names as those on the remote control.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Read Instructions All the safety and operating instructions should Power Sources be read before the product is operated. The product should be operated only from the Retain Instructions type of power source indicated on the marking The safety and operating instructions should be label.
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions If the product does not operate normally by Avoid placing the product in areas of − − following the operating instructions. Adjust direct sunlight, heating radiators, closed only those controls that are covered by automobiles, high temperature, high humidity, the operating instructions as an improper excessive dust, strong vibration, impact or adjustment of other controls may result in...
  • Page 5: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Important Safety Instructions Cleaning and Maintenance CAUTION • Disconnect the power plug from the wall socket outlet before cleaning the product. Cleaning the TV Panel Cleaning the Cabinet Wipe the TV panel with a dry lint-free cloth in Wipe the cabinet with a lint-free cloth. In case order to prevent damage to the panel surface.
  • Page 6: 3D Viewing

    Important Safety Instructions 3D Viewing watching and rest to lessen the potential of these effects. Alternatively, take off the glasses and continue normal viewing in 2D mode. With 3D viewing technology, images taken from slightly different positions are pulsed in very fast Consult your doctor, paediatrician or eye sequence into each eye, creating an illusion specialist before allowing children under age 6...
  • Page 7: Preparation

    Preparation Attach the TV Stand  For model LE42EC06AU and LE47EC06AU only Tighten the supplied screws Carefully place the TV with its Make sure the 10 screws Tighten the supplied screws Make sure the 4 screws to fix the TV stand securely...
  • Page 8: Functional Overview

    Functional Overview Front Panel • It takes approximately 15 seconds for the picture to appear after the TV is turned on. • The TV will switch to standby mode automatically if there is no signal input for 15 minutes. • If the TV will not be used for a long period of time, disconnect the power plug...
  • Page 9: Rear Panel

    Functional Overview Rear Panel - LE42EC06AU / LE47EC06AU/LE55EC06AU 10 10 US B1 5V 500mA US B2 5V 500m A Ethernet RJ45 Terminal Audio Input for AV & Component Video Media (USB) Input Terminal AV Input Terminal HDMI 1 / HDMI 2 Input Terminal...
  • Page 10: Remote Control

    Remote Control Power On/Standby: switch the TV on or to standby mode. Freeze: freeze the picture on the screen. P.P: change the picture mode. Sleep: turn the sleep timer on or off. Home: open the Home menu. T.Shift: start time shift function. CH List: display the channel list.
  • Page 11: Inserting Batteries

    Remote Control Inserting Batteries Place two AA size batteries in the remote control’s battery compartment, making sure to match the polar- ity markings inside the compartment. Open. Make sure the Close. polarity is correct. Using the remote control Battery precautions  When using the remote control, aim it at the  Always follow the precautions below when using remote control sensor at the front of the unit.
  • Page 12: Connection

    Connection Connecting Antenna Cable Connect the 75 ohm coaxial cable (commercially available) to the antenna input terminal. • To obtain better picture quality, use an outdoor antenna. • If your outdoor antenna uses 75 ohm coaxial cable with an F-type connector, connect it directly to the antenna input terminal at the rear panel.
  • Page 13: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation Power On/Off Volume Adjustment To switch on the TV To change the volume Press the main power switch located on the Press to increase the sound volume. underside of the TV.  The power indicator lights in red, indicating Press to decrease the sound volume.
  • Page 14: Channel Selection

    Basic Operation Channel Selection Information Banner You can select channels in the following ways: The information banner displays brief programme information about the current programme. Each time a channel is changed, the information Using Channel Up/Down appears at the bottom of the screen. Press to select the next or previous channel.
  • Page 15: Electronic Programme Guide (Epg)

    Basic Operation The following remote control buttons will enable Electronic Programme you to use the EPG functions. Guide (EPG) Button Action GUIDE Press to display or exit PROGRAMME GUIDE screen. An EPG is an on-screen guide of current and Press to set recorder. future programmes.
  • Page 16: Schedule Reminder

    Basic Operation Schedule Reminder Viewing Schedule List You can set reminders for your favourite You can browse and change the future scheduled programmes. The channel will be switched to the recordings or reminders. selected programme at the schedule time if you Press EPG to display the PROGRAMME are watching another programme.
  • Page 17: Initial Setup & Home Menu

    Initial Setup & Home Menu Initial setup The first time you power on the TV, a setup wizard will be displayed. Please follow the wizard: Step 1. Select the language you need. Step 2. Select the time zone of you place. (Note 1) Step 3.
  • Page 18: Pvr And Time Shift

    PVR and Time Shift Time Shift Press the "REC" key to record. Press the “T.SHIFT” key to begin time shift. Press the “ ” key to exit record mode. Press the “ ” key to exit time shift. Press the “ ”...
  • Page 19: 3D Settings

    3D Settings NOTE: Make sure you have read all safety precautions for 3D viewing (in the “Important Safety Instruc- tions Section”) before you start 3D viewing. This TV set is 3D capable and can be used to view 3D broadcasts (if available) or 3D Blu-Ray discs (in conjunction with a Blu-Ray player). Then press the 3D button on the remote control and enjoy 3D viewing.
  • Page 20: Menu Operation

    Menu Setting Menu Operation Audio Press the “MENU” key to enter the main menu for Picture, Audio, Time, Channel(Setup), Sound M ode: Choose between Standard, Music, PVR(Function) and Lock options. Movie, Speech or Favorite. Press the “ ” / “ ” key to select a menu. Balance: Control the sound balance between the Press the “...
  • Page 21: Time Menu

    Menu Setting Time Auto Syn c: When set to On, the time will be set by the DTV signal. Clock: S et the time. Only available when Auto Sync option is set to Off. Sleep Tim er: Set the auto Off time to Off, 10, 20, 30, 60 ,90, 120, 180 or 240 minutes.
  • Page 22: Lock Menu

    Menu Setting Lock Lock Syst em: Select On to enable the following three menu items. You will be prompted to enter the password. The default password is 0000. Set Passw ord: Use to change the current Lock Password. Block Pro gram: Allows you to password restrict access to specific channels.
  • Page 23: Media Operation

    Media Operation Video Playback Music Playback Press HOME to enter the Home Menu screen. Press HOME to enter the Home Menu screen. Select VIDEO, then press OK. Select MUSIC, then press OK. Select the USB drive containing your videos and Select the USB drive containing your music and press OK.
  • Page 24: Photo Viewer

    Media Operation Photo Viewer Text (EBook) Viewer Press HOME to enter the Home Menu screen. Press HOME to enter the Home Menu screen. Select PHOTO, then press OK. Select FILE, then press OK. Select the USB drive containing your photos and Select the USB drive containing your TXT files and press OK.
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    • Ensure there is no strong light shining on the remote control sensor. • HITACHI logo appears on the screen The TV cannot detect any signals from any input terminals. • Check if the cable is connected correctly and firmly.
  • Page 26: Specifications

    Specifications Model Name LE42EC06AU LE47EC06AU LE55EC06AU Panel Size Approx. 42 inches Approx. 47 inches Approx. 55 inches Resolution 1920 1080 1920 1080 1920 1080 Power Requirement AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz Terminals / Analogue PAL BG, DK, I...
  • Page 27 Memo...
  • Page 28 EC06AU-UM-01...

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