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Closed Caption; Cc Options - Hitachi LE55G508 Owner's Manual

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Closed Caption

This television has the capability to decode and display Closed
Captioned television programs. Closed Captioning will display text
on the screen for hearing impaired viewers.
Captions: This Closed Caption mode will display text on the
screen in English or another language. Generally, Closed Captions
in English are transmitted on CC1 and Closed Captions in other
languages are transmitted on CC2.
Text: The Text Closed Caption mode will usually fill 1/2 of the
screen with a programming schedule or other information.
Select "Setup" ⇒ "Closed Captions", then press SELECT.
to set "Caption Display", then
select "CC On", "CC on Mute", or "CC Off".
CC On: Captions will be displayed on the screen.
CC on Mute: Only when you press MUTE, captions will be
CC Off: Captions will not be displayed on the screen.
Press ▲ or ▼ to select "Analog Closed Caption" or "Digital
Closed Caption".
When you select "Analog Closed Caption", you can choose
from CC1~4, Text1~4.
When you select "Digital Closed Caption", you can choose
from Service1~6 and Off.
Press ▲ or ▼ to select the desired Closed Caption mode for
both Digital and Analog Captions.
• Depending on the broadcast signal, some Analog Captions
will function with a Digital broadcast signal. This prevents
two types of captions from overlapping.
• If text is not available in your viewing area, a black rectangle
may appear on-screen. If this happens, set the CC Setting
to "CC Off".
• When selecting Closed Captions, the captioning will appear
after approx. 10 seconds.
• Misspellings or unusual characters may occasionally
appear during Closed Captioning.
This is normal with Closed Captioning, especially with live
programs. This is because during live programs, captions
are also entered live. These transmissions do not allow time
for editing.
• When Captions are being displayed, on-screen displays,
such as volume may be seen but may interfere with Closed
• Some cable systems and copy protection systems may
interfere with the Closed Captioned signal.
• If using an indoor antenna or if TV reception is very poor,
the closed caption may not appear or may appear with
strange characters or misspelled words. In this case, adjust
the antenna for better reception or use an outdoor antenna.

CC options

When you have selected "Custom" as the display method,
you can adjust the various setting listed below.
This feature is designed to customize Digital Caption only.
Select "Setup" ⇒ "Closed Captions" ⇒ "Caption Display", then
press SELECT.
Press ▲ or ▼ to set "Caption Display" to "CC Off", "CC on
Mute" or "CC On".
Select "Digital Caption Options", then press SELECT.
Press ▲ or ▼ to select "Caption Style", then press SELECT.
Press ◀ or ▶ to set the "Caption Style" to "Custom".
press ▲ or ▼ to
Press ▲ or ▼ to select the desired item, then press ◀ or ▶ to
change the setting.
You can select from among the following items
and parameters.
Select display font style.
Select display font size.
Edge Effect.
Select display font edge style.
Edge Color:
Select display font edge color.
Text Color:
Select foreground color.
Background Color:
Select background color.
Text Opacity:
Select foreground opacity level.
Background Opacity:
Select background opacity level.
• You cannot set both "Text Color" and "Background Color" as the
same color.
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Table of Contents

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