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Quit Service Menu; Backup With Service Menu - Sharp SL-C1000 Quick Start Manual

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SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart

Quit service menu:

To leave the service mode, please perform a hard-reset (see page 11). After the reset is
done, the Zaurus should boot normal after powering on.

Backup with service menu:

If you are asking yourself, why we mention the service menu although we discourage its
usage, well, here is the explanation:
The service mode makes it possible to create a 1:1 backup (NAND backup) of the whole
ROM, resp. to restore a backup. This is the last straw, if the ROM was modified or a ROM
was used which was not really mature.
If this has just happened and you are looking into this manual, but now: Don't Panic! We
offer a recent NAND backup for every Zaurus model in condititon upon delivery for
download on our server.
A CompactFlash card with at least 134 MB for the SL-C1000 is needed to create a
backup. The backup is that huge, because a complete image, without any compression,
including administrative information, will be built.
Note for SL-C3000: For the former SL-C models making a "NAND backup" was the
simplest way to create a complete memory image of the whole Zaurus. Recovering a
Zaurus by restoring such a "NAND backup" was simple and convinient. But the
SL-C3000 is different because in the 16 MB NAND area there's only the Bootloader,
service menu and the updater stored.
The SL-C3000 now provides a menu option "Backup Menu" where backups of the NAND
and HD can be created and restored.
It is senseless to create a backup of the harddisk. This would take hours and you will
need a CF card > 4GB. The only reason why we're explaining these functions here is to
stop too curious users from bricking their Zaurus.
SHARP SL-C1000/3000/3100
///TRIsoft OHG
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