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First Start - Sharp SL-C1000 Quick Start Manual

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SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart
To reset the device, choose the third option. New for the SL-C3000 / 3100 is the following
dialog (ignore this for the SL-C1000):
The three options are :
Back / abort
Choose the first option,"Normal".
There is a dialog which asks if you are really sure which should be acknowledged with the
button "Y" (left).
Don't use the second option (Extended). Doing this will result in a VERY extensive
harddisk check before recovering. This option may take 1.5 hours or longer !

First start

A nice, red logo from SHARP appears and the Zaurus is reset.
After a minute, the well-known "CG Silicon / Zaurus" screen is visible, which means that
there is another exciting minute to wait.
Next, there is a writing, saying "Zaurus", and two lines of Japanese text. Translated they
would mean something like "Take the stylus and press the display, so that we can see, if
it works".
So, just do it.
Now, the "QT"-QTopia logo is displayed and the user is asked to calibrate the display by
tipping its center.
Do one tip in the lower left, lower right, upper right, upper left and in the center.
SHARP SL-C1000/3000/3100
///TRIsoft OHG
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