Sharp SL-C1000 Quick Start Manual

Sharp SL-C1000 Quick Start Manual

Linux personal mobile tool
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Please read the information in the section
"Unpacking / Startup", before unpacking any
SL-C3000 / SL-C3100
Personal Mobile Tool
Revision 3.0 4.7.2005



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  • Page 1 Important! Please read the information in the section "Unpacking / Startup", before unpacking any further. SHARP SL-C1000 SL-C3000 / SL-C3100 Linux Personal Mobile Tool Revision 3.0 4.7.2005...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Welcome ........5 The Zaurus SL-C1000/SL-C3000/SL-C3100 ..... 6 Comparison of the SL-C Series Zauris .
  • Page 3 Needed files ....... . . 29 Back to the SHARP ROM......29 Diag / service menu .
  • Page 4 ///TRIsoft OHG SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart In the USA: ........38...
  • Page 5: Welcome

    Welcome Thank you for buying the SHARP SL-C1000 / SL-C3000 / SL-C3100. This device is not sold from SHARP out of Japan. It is a Japanese device with English user interface and English keyboard. If you are mainly interested in a calendar, addressbook, etc., you are perhaps better off with a simple organizer.
  • Page 6: The Zaurus Sl-C1000/Sl-C3000/Sl-C3100

    SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart The Zaurus SL-C1000/SL-C3000/SL-C3100 This manual is only for the SL-C1000 / SL-C3000 / SL-C31000 models which are different in some important points compared to the previous SL-C series Zauris. The essential difference is the bigger battery, the included 4 GB harddrive in the SL-C3000 / SL-C3100 and the USB port with host capability.
  • Page 7: Unpacking

    SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart ///TRIsoft OHG SL-C1000 SL-C760 Attribute SL-C750 SL-C3000/C3100 SL-C860 SL-C1000: Cover : black Body : black SL-C3000: SL-C760: white Display cover Cover : white Cover black SL-C860: silver Body : white SL-C3100: Cover : anthracite Boddy : black Dimensions...
  • Page 8: Startup

    ///TRIsoft OHG SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart Startup Insert the battery Unlock the lower cover by sliding the the switch for the interlock of the battery compartment (1) to the left. Detach the cover in direction (2). Insert the battery as shown in the picture.
  • Page 9: Open And Turn Over Display

    SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart ///TRIsoft OHG Open and Turn Over Display The display can be opened and turned nearly horizontal to the keyboard. There it snaps into the maximal possible position. When opened, the display also turned clock-wise and overback onto the keyboard:...
  • Page 10: Ports / Controls

    ///TRIsoft OHG SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart Ports / Controls Bottom 1: Lug for fastening the Zaurus (for instance a chain). 2. Slot for CompactFlash cards with protective cover. 3. Stylus. 4. Slot for SD/MMC cards with protective cover. 5. Speaker. 6. Switch to lock / unlock the battery compartment.
  • Page 11: Device Backside

    Comment regarding the Serviceport: Zaurus-enthusiasts will assume that there’s the well known SHARP I/O port hidden behind the cover. Wrong ! Behind this cover you will find the same connector as in all previous Zauris but for the SL-C1000/SL-C3000 there is NO longer serial or USB communication supported via this connector.
  • Page 12: Hard-Reset

    ///TRIsoft OHG SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart Hard-Reset There is a reset button hidden In the battery compartment. Should the device “hang” after intensive Linux sessions you may reset it here. Remove the battery cover as described on page 8. You will see a small black button in the upper third, left side of the compartment : Take the stylus and give the button a short prick - Reset done.
  • Page 13: Keyboard Functions

    SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart ///TRIsoft OHG Options in the user interface can be chosen by the scroll wheel and they can be confirmed or cancelled with the compensator. The quickstart fields at the lower border allow you to start often used applications with just a little tip.
  • Page 14: Ok / Cancel (Esc) / Cursor Keys

    ///TRIsoft OHG SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart What actions or programs are associated with these keys can be set in “Settings” -> “Application Key”. If you would like to start the terminal or the browser with the “Calendar” key, no problem. OK / Cancel (Esc) / Cursor keys On the right side of the keyboard you find the OK, Cancel and Cursor keys: “Cancel”...
  • Page 15: Umlauts / Euro

    SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart ///TRIsoft OHG Umlauts / Euro You can access the German umlauts and the Euro-currency symbol via the onscreen-keyboard, handwriting and directly over the keyboard (thanks to the KeyHelper applet). A special “thank you” goes to “biggel” of the Z-Portal (, who wrote the needed mappings in the KeyHelper-XML-file.
  • Page 16: Software For Sl-5500(G)

    ///TRIsoft OHG SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart Software for SL-5500(G) Most applications offered for SL-5500(G) can be run on SL-C series Zauris without problems. The SL-C series recognises these, switches the display to portrait and doubles the output pixels. The application will then be shown optimally, because the SL-C series uses 4 times the resolution of the old device (640x480 instead of 320x240).
  • Page 17: Workaround For Intellisync

    For this you need the japanese Version of IntelliSync that is found on CD #1 of the SL-C3000/SL-C3100 CDs (or the one SL-C1000 CD). A detailed document how to install a working IntelliSync in english is available as zipped RTF-document in our download area:
  • Page 18: The Zaurus Usb Port

    SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart The Zaurus USB port The SL-C1000/SL-C3000/SL-C3100 are the first Zauris with a combined USB client / host port. Not only host devices (like PCs) can be connected with the Zaurus, also clients (like USB-sticks, cameras, keyboards) can be used.
  • Page 19: Connecting Usb-Memory To The Zaurus (Zaurus Is Host)

    SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart ///TRIsoft OHG Connecting USB-memory to the Zaurus (Zaurus is Host) Since January 2005 we preinstalled an auto-mount feature for USB mass storage devices. We would like to thank the user “DreamTheater” from the Zaurususergroup. The two needed scripts usb-storage and are located in /etc/hotplug/usb .
  • Page 20: Usb-Keyboard (Zaurus Is Host)

    Annotations about Software Applications MoviePlayer The SHARP Movie Player is able to play .asf-files, encoded with MPEG4 Video V1 and simple MPEG-files. The Kino2 player which was very popular for the previous Zaurus models is actually (January 2005) not working with the 1000/3000/3100 series. A working version for this model should be available soon.
  • Page 21: Localisation After Factory-Reset

    SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart ///TRIsoft OHG Localisation after factory-reset With a special reset procedure it is possible to bring the Zaurus back to factory state. If you played too much with sensitive configuration files this is your best chance to get a working Zaurus back.
  • Page 22 ///TRIsoft OHG SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart • Hold the “OK” key on the keyboard and turn on the device with the button "On/Off". The flash menu appears in Japanese: The 4 shown menu options mean (from top to bottom): • Cancel (quit flash menu and boot normally) •...
  • Page 23: First Start

    This option may take 1.5 hours or longer ! First start A nice, red logo from SHARP appears and the Zaurus is reset. After a minute, the well-known "CG Silicon / Zaurus" screen is visible, which means that there is another exciting minute to wait.
  • Page 24: Run Restore

    Use only the matching backup for your Zaurus. Please don’t try to restore a backup from another model in your SL-C1000 or SL-C3000 / 3100. Please remind that the backup needs to be placed in the subdir “Backup_Files” of the memory card (see note on page 21).
  • Page 25 SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart ///TRIsoft OHG Please activate the tab with the wrench in the upper bar: There select the green icon which represents a sheet of paper with two horizontal arrows: SHARP SL-C1000/3000/3100 Page 25...
  • Page 26 ///TRIsoft OHG SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart Now it is nearly done, the "Backup/Restore" dialog should be visible: The upper selection handles "Backup", the lower "Restore". Therefore, set the blue sphere in front of the second line. The frame below selects the source of the backup (CompactFlash, SD or in case for the SL-C3000 / 3100 also the HD).
  • Page 27: Japanese Leftovers

    Network-Wizard The “Wizard”-button for automated network installation displays only boxes. This wizard is not useful outside japan, because the wizard installs japanese services like “Sharp Space Town”. To install a network service, please press the “New”-button which opens the neccessary dialogs.
  • Page 28: Openzaurus

    ///TRIsoft OHG SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart OpenZaurus As an alternative to the SHARP ROMs there’s also the free OpenZaurus with OPIE as GUI available for most SHARP Zaurus models. Please not for the SL-C3000: The SL-C3000 stores his OS on the integrated harddisk ! Backup and Restore of the 16 MB NAND area won’t help on this model, because there’s only Diag,...
  • Page 29: Needed Files

    This is done in the Zaurus service menu. All steps are explained at page 33. SL-C3000: As mentioned on page 28 there’s actually no practical way to backup the SHARP ROM (ok, maybe if you own a CF card > 4GB and have lots of time) for a later recovery.
  • Page 30: Diag / Service Menu

    ///TRIsoft OHG SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart Diag / service menu Like all Zauri, the SL-C1000 / SL-C3000 / 3100 series has a diagnostic mode, too. Normally, that mode is not necessary, but for the sake of completeness, the diagnose functions are explained here.
  • Page 31: Quit Service Menu

    NAND backup for every Zaurus model in condititon upon delivery for download on our server. A CompactFlash card with at least 134 MB for the SL-C1000 is needed to create a backup. The backup is that huge, because a complete image, without any compression, including administrative information, will be built.
  • Page 32 If the backup process is complete, press “Cancel” to get back to the menu screen. The created NAND backup will have the filename systc100.dbk for the SL-C1000, systc300.dbk for the SL-C3000 or systc310.dbk for the SL-C3100. Page 32 SHARP SL-C1000/3000/3100...
  • Page 33: Restore With Service Menu

    The restore function, named "NAND Flash Restore", is to be found on the third page of the service menu as well. A CompactFlash card with a valid file “systc100.dbk” for the SL-C1000, a “systc300.dbk" for the SL-C3000 or a “systc310.dbk” for the SL-C3100 is needed. Such an image can also be found on our website, if there is no other backup at hand.
  • Page 34: Boot To Command-Line

    Flip the switch back to “Betrieb” • Continue holding “D” + “B” pressed and power the Zaurus on Now you should see the white bootscreen with the red SHARP-Logo. But this time the screen should scroll up, revealing the following lines: INIT: version 2.78 booting...
  • Page 35: The Harddrive (Sl-C3000/3100)

    NO, it’s not a good idea to open the Zaurus to look where it is and play with it.Also please don’t open an SL-C1000 and try to add a MicroDrive (it’s not possible, really not !). OK, serious: The harddisk is not removable or replaceable for the user. If you expect a technical problem with your harddrive, please send your Zaurus to your dealer or contact us direct: +49 511/ 94294-0.
  • Page 36: Accessories For Your Zaurus

    ///TRIsoft OHG SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart Accessories for your Zaurus There is a big supply of accessories for your Zaurus to extend its application. The following list does not claim to be complete. But all listed articles are tested by us and...
  • Page 37: Declaration Of Conformity

    D - 30966 Hemmingen explains in sole liability, that the product SHARP SL-C1000 / SL-C3000 / SL-C3100 which is referred to in this declaration, conforms to the following norms and directives: EMV-Richtlinie 89/336/EWG, modified by RL 92/31/EWG and RL 93/68/EWG.
  • Page 38 ///TRIsoft OHG SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart In the USA: This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 39 SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart ///TRIsoft OHG SHARP SL-C1000/3000/3100 Page 39...

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